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I know that Dress-up games are becoming a little tired, but Im going to cram 1 more game into the already bloated portal. But seriously, in my opinion a good deal of talent and effort was put into this, and its also quite fun. I think it's sort of unique compared to some of the other dress-ups, and anyone who is a fan of Rurouni Kenshin or Anime in general I think will like this. Anyways have fun, and most importantley BE CREATIVE !



You have a pretty good flash there... The items were a little hard to see under all the rest of the clothes, but it was really fun!

P.S: OMG! It was SO funny when I accidentaly clicked his underwear and the words "NO! BAD PORTAL VIEWER!" Came up! I was SO not expecting it!


i was wondering if u could change 1 thing and thats let me take off his underwear its not fair but u did good


so..how do i..take off his underwear ?

this dress-up game probably needs to be updated, but i like it anyways. i like the pink hair the best, its cute -.-` and the little white vegetable he can hold in his hand. I had fun, i dont know about anyone else, but i enjoyed trying to take off his underwear a bunch of times. cracked me up.

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I like all the different outfits. Also having the option to give him washu's hair was kinda funny but, the music gets old fast.


Kick ass man. The frame was pretty cool, too.

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3.75 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2001
6:20 AM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up