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UPDATE: SKIP button added for first time play, and level 1 and 2 have been shortened. 100 coins = 1 life. diamonds are purely for points, you can jump on bugs and you can punch them with a punch powerup. HINT: flower also takes one punch with this power up. AND if you jump on a bug while the flower is crying you get time to kill it and collect the seed.
Jump around and punch flowers in the guts until they spew seeds for you to collect! fun! hope you like it, -note: there are 2 power ups and one bonus round. one power lets you punch the bugs and the other one is a shield that lets you walk straight through the bugs(killing them).
thanks for front page! :)

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Another great underrated game!

While it is true that this game got over 500,000 views, it is still underrated in how it has such a low score and average reviewing score. I really have no idea why. I love the design of the character, and he seems kind of like Foamy, only if we has a well drawn cat. It was fun to just go over the screen everywhere and get blown up over and over. I also like when the main character gets his little fists out and just relentlessly punches the trees. He also jumps in the cutest manner by curling up into a ball, even if I do not use him to jump much.


i've seen crap better than this game

Wow this is nice.

Though, you really had to rely on shadows to guide you. It was Funny, and nice idea too. I was like "Come here widwe wady bu-BOOOOM!!!" lol.

Nice game.


i love the idea of puking flowers!


so its starts out pretty fun and then the second level comes and ur like ok.... then at the third level ur like wow this is soooo fn boring and if u get past there uve impressed me!

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3.34 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2005
4:21 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler