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Meet Pie v1

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This is my second flash to date and introduces one of my favorite characters, Pie. The story is still developing so there's not much but a tiny film here. Thanks to Arne Strout there's a finished product and sound. (Opinions on the quality of voice sounds requested)

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That was... stupid?

And yes you need grammer and shit. But Miklos should lear spellig to. It wont teach kids to go around and LICK things dumbass.

Good stuff

ok, first of all, steveman_90... learn some proper grammar/spelling/english and then people might take you seriously.

I like it. Kinda like a childrens book in flash but.... I wouldn't teach kids to go around and like things so i'm not really sure what that was...

Entertaining nonetheless =)

StealAngel responds:

It was fun to make and it prepared me for the game that Arne and I made. We hope to be submitting a spin off game next month. Although things have been quite hectic in the personal department, so here's to wishful thinking. *hugs her Sub*

its allright

please please dont make another animation cos i think they r quite pointless i am not cussing you i would just like you to tell me the point of it becos to be quite frank i really dont know what the fuk you are on about, no offence. it probly has sum meaning like in paintings but part from that it is quite good. yeah also id like to know bout the tounge t is quite cool.

ps. i didnt know that the moon and the sun were elements, screw collage i could learn a lot from you

pps. can you really touch the sun and not get burnt to hell

ppps. i didnt know you could go into outer space without a helmet,

pppps i didnt know that if you lick sand it doesnt go on your toungue, i didnt know pies have wings.

ppppp i didnt know the moon and the stars were so close to each other, i mean alfa centuris, i swaer thats like a billion miles away

StealAngel responds:

ROFL People like you make this waaaay too much fun for me. Okay...I'll give you what you came here for. Now student, please take your seat and remain quiet while I give my lesson. *hands you a lollypop so you have something to keep your pie hole busy with*

As I stated in a previous review, I was not intending to represent the sun and the moon as elements. It was more of a metaphor. The sun and moon were some of the first things humans knew to exist. And I was also sleep deprived when I created the script. Kudos to you for pointing out to me my horrid mistake. Being able to school your sensei is a highly respectable quality in a student.

Pies normally do NOT fly. Which is why I will, in fact, point out that Pie is NOT a pie. I never stated that Pie was a pie. Actually, I meant to mention it much earlier on but for some reason my "peace loving hippy" brain could not remember to do so. perhaps I was having too much fun insulting derelects. Squee!

And wow? You didn't know you could touch the sun? Hey, go build a rocket and try it. I dare ya. It'll be fun.

Hey--why would Pie, a ficticious alien, need a space helmet? If you'd paid attention to the lesson, you'd know that Pie was technically born in space.

Sand? Where was there ANY sand in the lesson? What are you talking about? *smacks you with a ruler* Pay better attention, student! LOL

As for the moon and stars being close together--since you obviously lack the ability to comprehend this lesson, I am demoting you back to your previous grade. This is a flash animation--I can put the sun and moon on top of one another if I friggin' feel like it. It's a cartoon!!!! Did Bugs Bunny really fall off that cliff and survive...no really...don't answer that. I'm already afraid of our future generations.

PPPPPPSSSSS: Silly that you told me not to make any more flash animations but then proceeded to tell me that it was quite good apart from being misunderstood. You're just as friggin' weird as I am!

You are a liar...

This isn't bad, it's actually quite good, I would LOVE to know how you animated the tongue stretching out like in "The-Head, The-Leg". I've wanted to now that for SO long ^^.

StealAngel responds:

LMAO, hey friend. I'm glad you liked it. It's a good thing we fancy eachother's work, I think. Animating that tongue was easier than you think. It's a frame by frame. I'll reveal my secrets the next time we chat IM or email. Ta Ta!

Meet pie.

That was a pretty interesting flash. You gotta use a higher sample rate for your vocals, tho. Kinda made me tilt my head.