Alter Egos

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Starts out a little slow, but once the flashback scene comes, it picks up.

This is a pilot episode, hopefully we can figure what went wrong with this one and fix it for future episodes.
Couple Things:
There are not fart jokes, the teacher just farts.
Sorry there is not background music in every scene, trying to keep it under 5mb
Is it slow? i am sorry but once the flashback scene comes, it picks up a little.

And come on, theres a wopping 17 characters! well 9, but 8 have Alter Egos, thats alot of work to do, and the voice acting is pretty good.


not bad

pretty random overall, but the voice acting was pretty cool and the plot to it and the alter egos were good.

jeremiah-castro responds:

Thank you.
this is just the pilot episode, so there didnt need to have a big story, just an introduction to what the characters are like.
Thanks you, oh and i love the voice acting to.

younger crowd

Since you ripped off the characters, you might as well have ripped off a soundtrack or two. Average graphics, but a little slow on the action. The farting came off more unsettling than funny. This may get a better reaction from a younger crowd (15 and under). Nice try, though. Keep trying!

jeremiah-castro responds:

I realize music might have helped a little. There is music in the flashback scene though.

The original original intent was a kid cartoon, but other people who worked on it tryd to write for an older audience, thank you.

not so funny

its not that funny

jeremiah-castro responds:

Yeh well, hopefully in a future episode i can unlock my humouse style better.

any thoughts on what would make it more funny?


Good job. Twas a very funny and enjoyable flash movie. The part where Bruce turned into the hulk was quite funny.

jeremiah-castro responds:

Well thank you.
the part where he turned into hulk, i saved for last because i was avoiding doing it.


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i saved you. oh and for the record, fart jokes =/= funny

jeremiah-castro responds:

what fart jokes? i don't think the word fart was ever used in this animation.

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2.35 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2005
12:47 AM EDT
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