Over There: Segment 5

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It's here! The exciting conclusion of "Over There". It's the claymation event of the week!


Absolutely stunning work

It just shows how much you can do without computers! All the episodes so far (and all your other work for that matter) have been amazingly well-crafted little animations with excellent visuals. Yours are probably the best animations on Newgrounds, please make more!


Knox? Who the f$%k is Knox?

I heard this guy called Knox makes great claymations.I couldn't give a hoot about him you're going on my favourite authors list.
You truly are the King of the Portal.


Love the series, it looks like it was a lot of hard work, funny and interesting storline, an alltogether great series! :)

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Yay, way to go guys!

This was excellent, even if it was a bit short. The other episodes were fantastic and i still really liked this one. I cant say this enough but you guys honestly make an amazing team. Im surprised you made this series in 2000, i wonder what kinds of claymations and/or peoplemations you guys can do now.

This whole series has been a blast to watch, and i could almost say an honour. Its great that i know 5 of these would be coming to the portal, i mean if theres nothing good in the portal, i knoew this will end that trend. But sadly now its over, and i just have to wish good stuff will always be coming in.

The graphics throughout this wonderful series have been incredible. Really some of the best stopmotion i have ever seen. You could even compete with Knox! The style was of course awesome, it has never dissapointed me yet with you dustball and gel, i hope you can continue that way. The sound was awesome, even with the big file size the sound doesnt suffer much with audio quality, and the voice acting was always good. Humour was actaully quite good in this segment, better than what i remember from the other segments.

Overall this series realy deserves a 10. Perhaps the best claymation series i have ever seen, Knox having made only short ones. Its cool to review final episodes in a series because you get to remeber the whole series over as you summarize it. And it just feels awesome inside : ). This and Shades of Grey series, which was a full movie split into parts with real people and no animation, was another one i got to review the final episode of. Thanks for this whole series! 5/5

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Dustball responds:

Thank you very much! And we appreciate all of your thoughtful reviews very much too. I'm glad that the movie can bring someone so much joy to watch because in the end, that's what makes it all worth while. I was suprised to look at your profile just now and see that you are 15! All of the other 15 years olds on NG (or at least the lame ones) should really try to behave more you. Thanks again for being a fan!

Best FBF Animation i've seen

The animation was very smooth and the story line was nice,also the soud was crystal clear, a shame though it's short

Can't wait mfor the next one, hope its even better

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Aug 25, 2005
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