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The Morgue

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Author Comments

It's finally done. Yeesh!
WARNING: all the music and voices are from the 1960's. So if you have bad speakers, I HIGHLY reccomend listening to this with headphones. ENJOY!

edit: OMG! I got over a 4.00! guguguggug!

The SYNOPSIS button doesnt do anything (for those who are confused).

Thank you Newgrounds!

edit: I normally dont make things like this. Most of my cartoons are cheery and cute. So dont expect anything much like this ever again.

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It was pretty easy to tell that you used some other source for the sound. It just syncs too well. It's awesome that you have this great animation. It perfecty fits the mood. I like how it gets darker as it goes along. It just shows good pacing.

Everything just fits together so well. You certainly don't know what to expect in this. I love your sarcastic author's comments. The colors are nice and vibrant. I like how it goes on a long time.

The City Morgue full of a bunch of moronic crackpots? I don't know what to make of this development, but it captures the classic nostalgia of the 60s and executes it quite well with similar art. Also dig the surprise ending with the chicken (alternate).


You have a headless chicken dancing on a dead guy. How could I rate this any lower?



Why doesnt the Synopsis button work!?!?!

Thats because there IS not meaning to this movie other than sheer madness