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An exploration into another dimension (literally). My first attempt at 3D API, the whole game (besides audio) is built with Actionscript - ship and enemies are redrawn dynamically every frame, using trig calculations based on the z axis. 2400+ lines of code, includes an online scoreboard. Game took 2 weeks to code.
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Arrow keys to move, X to shoot, Z or SPACE to bomb, P to pause.
The further away an enemy is when killed, the higher the score.
5000 for game completion.
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Many thanks to the beta-testers in the Flash forum for their input:
T-H, Inglor, -liam-, Foreverkul, Tom_s00, fwe, SpamBurger, SeoulSnake, Mogly, -cherries-, AppleT, Ohls, EggKnight, Keirodious, Johnny_Krysys, TheSwoops, pilloclock, redcheetah, Skater000, Calamaro, GuntherSwanh, Nintendo-Ninja, killer_of_cows, HOLLYWOOD310, Panda_Lock, FetusEater, stinger4948, and anybody else who I may have missed.
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Thanks for playing. Hope you enjoy/enjoyed the game. Depending on how well this version does, I may create a Mk II with more variety, powerups, bosses, etc.
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I'll just give you straight tens, even though Humor isn't exactly fitting.

I've always known you as a great actionscripter, and what you've done here I could consider godlike.

And I know nothing of it.

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Denvish responds:

W00T! Another positive review! Thanks a lot for your comments. They warm my heart =)

so cool!

so cool
its the best game ever!

Denvish responds:

TYVM. Seriously =D

Pretty good game

I loved your overrun games those were good. Herd...you sucked ass on those lol. But this is pretty good. Big jump. Keep up the good work. That IS the only thing I would think is wrong with this game is where to shoot because...that is a big flaw. Didnt know where to shoot lol. But good job. Keep up the good flash work and really hit it. 2 thumbz up d('.'d)

Denvish responds:

Well... Herd was actually about half the size of this again, in terms of lines of code - so although its appeal may have been more limited than this, it's actually a more complex and deeper game.
As for the shooting problem: it's basically a matter of the player's perception. Some people grasp it straight away, others have problems judging. It's got a lot to do with the fact that you're shooting in 3 dimensions, rather than 2, so there's a bigger margin for error. Changing the way the aiming works would mean completely recoding large chunks of the game - which I might consider if I do make MK II.

odd game....

pretty good for your 10th flash...you will get better...

Denvish responds:

erm... is that a compliment, or an insult? =P

Great game.

I loved playing it. Damn nice game. The only thing i had a problem with was trying to shoot ships that got a little close. Its hard to find the right depth to shoot them and they end of up hiting me because im trying to shoot them but not hitting them. Its kinda wierd. But the game turned out great. The 3D is realistic and i like how the "worm hole" changes as you move around. Your games keep getting better and better. So are there any more comming out???

Denvish responds:

I'm awaiting inspiration. I do intend to take the whole 3D thing a lot further, but I need to learn it first...
Thanks for the review, see you on the BBS =)

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4.17 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2005
4:28 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Tube / Rail