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An exploration into another dimension (literally). My first attempt at 3D API, the whole game (besides audio) is built with Actionscript - ship and enemies are redrawn dynamically every frame, using trig calculations based on the z axis. 2400+ lines of code, includes an online scoreboard. Game took 2 weeks to code.
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Arrow keys to move, X to shoot, Z or SPACE to bomb, P to pause.
The further away an enemy is when killed, the higher the score.
5000 for game completion.
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Many thanks to the beta-testers in the Flash forum for their input:
T-H, Inglor, -liam-, Foreverkul, Tom_s00, fwe, SpamBurger, SeoulSnake, Mogly, -cherries-, AppleT, Ohls, EggKnight, Keirodious, Johnny_Krysys, TheSwoops, pilloclock, redcheetah, Skater000, Calamaro, GuntherSwanh, Nintendo-Ninja, killer_of_cows, HOLLYWOOD310, Panda_Lock, FetusEater, stinger4948, and anybody else who I may have missed.
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Thanks for playing. Hope you enjoy/enjoyed the game. Depending on how well this version does, I may create a Mk II with more variety, powerups, bosses, etc.
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Graphics ---- 10/10
The 3d-ness is very good, but the bullets seem to lack life, well they seem flat

Style -------- 10/10
Very well done

Sound ------- 3/10
The sound wasn't very good, well, I could live with it, but it was the same thing over and over etc.

Violence ----- 0/10
No violence, I don't think there is meant to be any...

Interactivity 10/10
Full interactivity, movement up, down etc

Humor ------- 0/10
I don't think there is meant to be any humor

Overall ----- 7/10
I could play this game, if I was a little bored, but not when I have things to do....


The dork who reviewed this before me really needs to calm down. Whoever wrote that probably didnt even mean you. lol. it's like writing it on a bathroom stall. Get over it loser.
As for the game, it wasnt bad but there's something like it on the TI-89 calculator. It just has star wars ships instead of a little orange triangle. Other than that... not too shabby. Keep it up.


some1 wrote that theyre name was on the game on the hiscores that tomfulpsafag!!! can u track him down?o yeah u riped the game from tempest really...

Denvish responds:

1) No
2) I have no idea what 'tempest' is, and no it isn't ripped from any other game, I made up the concept and gameplay myself.

Really cool

HEY I KNOW THAT SONG! lol thats awesome :) really fun game and its awesome to hear my music in that! Kick ass man, top draw indeed...top!

TOO DAMN SLOOOOoooooooooooooooowwwww!!!!!!!!!

Great and all but it gets boring i have flash player 8 and it gos to damn slow.........And the world best guy........... Damn that man has tooooo much time on his hands damn that was to DAMN SLOOOOOOW!!!!DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN

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4.17 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2005
4:28 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Tube / Rail