Over There: Segment 4

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Does Trip have what it takes to get past Saké? Will he finally rescue Nita?
Find out in this second to last installment of Over There! (You might say it's a real "cliff hanger".)



I love each and every segment of this. Can't wait for the last bit.

I wish I could give this more than five :D

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I love this series!

This series is truely great and im glad you guys actually finished it after so long. Its great to see you care about each and everyone of your projects. Well this episode was great just like the rest of them, theyre really creative and effort packed it seems. Here is my review.

The graphics were awesome as always, and since this is definitely some of the better claymation ive seen its good enough for a 10. Nice work. The style of this particular episode was a bit different than the others, but awesome nonetheless. This one was more intense than the others. The sound, great as always i still love the voice acting and sound effects!!!! Humour is solid as always!

Overall another great episodes blesses the portal with its greatness. I cant wait for the final segment!!! 4/5

5 years eh?

I'm watching since the frist one, and I can't belive u took 5 years just to make this, I can't belive that u didn't gave up! props to you man! LOL

Dustball responds:

Well, it was animated five years AGO. Then I just redid the sound and music and edited it recently. Heh heh, I think it would be a lot better than this if we worked on it for 5 years straight.

averge score.

I'm not a fan of clay but good job, It's sorta cool but it could be better.

Ah...the joys of claymation

Great work. Standard plot but good humor...ok, maybe a little overdone...but still good. Your claymation setup is very fluid and free flowing and probibly took weeks to complete. You might want to increase you screen size though. It's way to small on my side. One question, where did the cigarette go? Sorry, I pick things apart way too much.

Dustball responds:

Hehe, it disappeared. It was a magical cigarette, yeah that's it. I can't make them any bigger without losing tons of quality. Same goes for length of the segments. I tried to balance length, with quality with screen size.

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Aug 24, 2005
11:34 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place August 26, 2005