LL - Final Fantasy: Lawk

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Wow, frontpage! Thanks a lot!
EDIT: I removed the AS fire so that it'll play smoother in most computers. Sorry of the inconvenience caused.

Thanks for all your support, even though this movie ended up too short, LL - Final Fantasy: Lawk 2 is in the making. This time, I'll try to make it longer. Just be patient. <3
Hello guys, this is my third movie submission to NG this month. This movie is made for LL's Bi-Weekly Flash Contest #8, so it's not very long like my other recent movies. Hope you guys like it!




LMAO!!! Thats right! Why the fuck are we standing there, paid good amount of gil to rest in the inn, when its just Lights off, than lights on!!! LOL!! Seriously, this is one hell of flash, and I hope, HOPE, the whole Trashlock and Peachlock thing subsides soon. Its becoming a serious situation. Other than that, awesome flash amigo :) LET THE LOCK LEGION CONTROL ALL AND TAKE THE CLOCKS TO THEIR GRAVE!!! VIVA LOS LOCKS!

Gregosan responds:

Best review so far! You win a WaterLock Action Figure!


Great flash movie

Hey Gregosan long time no see good movie btw and try to make the new button clickable and try making the movie not to short next time but you put a lot of effort to it in these past weeks good job.

Good FF spoof.

Only someone who hasn't played any of the series won't understand the humor behind this. Great job.

Though, I don't know why you didn't use Locke instead of Lawk. Would have made more sense. Whatever, you did great. Nothing to really complain about.


fuck all you idiots, I lov ed this movie.

Suck my dick Haters


fifen worthy, even if it was a lock movie :)

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3.85 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2005
8:06 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody