A Tribute to the Tribute

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A tribute to the tribute
by: Nathaniel Hysong (llammalrdsofsci)
Dustin Hartz (dusty_h)

This was actually intended to be the introduction of the Bios page of the 10th tribute. But it didn't fit with the idea, and Dusty and I worked hard on it, so I've decided to submit it. This is not here to take away credit from the 10th tribute, It's our way of saying thanks to Cheddar, and also kinda explaining the tribute to you. Please review accordingly and not comparitive to the actual tribute. Thank you Cheddar for creating and working with this collab! Hope you enjoy!


good yep

too bad the actuall collab sucked big time. sad that people cant even give it 50% for this great site. for all that it has given them. they blow the 10th. sad sad.

Great piece of work!

I know that I made the 10th Anniversary Tribute as a stand-a-lone thing but when I saw the preview for this by Llammalrdsofsci I had to give it my thumbs up. Completeley made on his own accord I think it's an interesting way to tell about the 'story behind the story'. Its got a touch of "dont' take us too seriously" about it that I really like and it fits the newgrounds persona well!

Cool stuff guys!

Llammalrdsofsci responds:

AWWWW! I love you tooo!!!

But seriously, you don't know how nervous I was submitting this. I was so afraid you'd get mad at me and think I was trying to steal credit away from the actual Tribute. This put me at ease thanks for reviewing. And also Thanks for everything you've done!!! I am really proud at what we've all done.

Ok music was sweet

Sry but this looked like more like a Powerpoint then a flash... if at least you would animate somethin lol..

Oh well I gave 4 cause music roxor my soxxors

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LOL... nice

I have never seen a tribut to a tribute of newgrounds before makes it different from all the other flashes

good job!


Well said! We luvs j00 NewGrounds!

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Aug 24, 2005
12:46 PM EDT