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To be honest I never searched far and wide for artists for this...every single artist either found out about this from the forum or from a friend. I let in whoever wanted to join because thats how I feel Newgrounds as a website expresses itself best. Do the top artists HAVE to contribute to this just to get it recognised? The score clearly states that it doesn't. :)


Showed the great diversity of NG animators.

Some were great looking, some looked like crap, but that is what happens with any collaboration. Still, with one hundred animators, it was hard not being impressed by the number of different approaches that people take to flash. This flash really shows how cool a plae like NG is, in that it is a home for so many different kinds of people.

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Pretty good animation.. 100 artists :O


Ur graphics got 10 cuz of all the different artists.. but the ur style was bad, u cuda organized it bettter.. the sound was tottaly lame.. it should make ppl exiceted bout newgronds not bored.. the rest were meh..

'Been looking forward of seeing this..

..But it wasn't like i thought. The filesice is over 6000kt? i mean, of course you cant make such a big thing with a little file sice, but still, 6000 for people saying numbers?I mean, i do appreciate all the *hard* work you've put at this, 100 artist, but i just dont like it, since all you have there is 0.5-3 sec pieces of animation and people saying a number from 1 to 10 and candles lighting up from each 10. This might have been something very cool, but turned out to be a big sigh. Some of the animations were cool, though, but it still wasn't worth the wait for me, you barely had music there! Good job with some artist... but im gonna give it a 2.. its not really my thing :l

-Gyu from hell

:D Gratz

Happy Birthday ^^!

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4.08 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2005
9:53 AM EDT