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To be honest I never searched far and wide for artists for this...every single artist either found out about this from the forum or from a friend. I let in whoever wanted to join because thats how I feel Newgrounds as a website expresses itself best. Do the top artists HAVE to contribute to this just to get it recognised? The score clearly states that it doesn't. :)


Pretty good

I can see with 100 artists it must have taken a long time to organise.
Its was good animation and all but I did get very bored listening to someone counting to ten ten times. It could have been more interesting.

I give 4

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Happy 10th Newgrounds.

And what a way to say thank you to 10 years of Newgrounds, if someone were saying thank you to me for something in this way i would honestly be pretty happy. I saw effort in each one unlike many people who reviewed. Most of those artists i havent even heard of, and its good to see they actually made something worth watching. Congrats to all new authors involved in this. And the creators of the collab, you guys must have had trouble getting 100 artists in one collaboration. Here is my review.

The graphics were obviously better in some than they were in others. But as a whole they were awesome, there were some very impressivie ones that brought up how i felt about them. Even the worst ones werent all that bad. I liked how some were done, with cool animation and making sense of their numbers. Others just looked flat out cool! The style of this collab was wonderful. What better theme for a collab than celebrating the greatness of NG? Almost none i tell you. Collabs always earn some good style points from me because of the many animating styles within each one, this one was definitely no exception. Its good to see many new authors with futures ahead of them as well. The sound was good, i liked it in some others just said the numbers with a bad mic or something. The music was also a nice touch.

Overall wonderful job guys, lots of people are hating, but you gotta respect the 10th year of newgrounds and the effort that went into making this. Getting 100 authors to do a clip isnt an easy thing to do, so i commend you creators. Keep it up! 5/5

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This is a pretty cool tribute, just counting to 100 is all thats in it but, cool animation!!

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A Nice Tribute

Lol, Newbs + Experience + Flash = Newgrounds
Happy Birthday Newgrounds!!!

oh ya, the fhash was good too

Unfortunately I can't give you ten but I can give

You Nine! That must have took alot of time because about 5 seconds of a video from 100 authors on Newgrounds!! Peope out there must respect this tribute to Newgrounds because it's like saying happy birthday and thanking Newgrounds for creating such an incredible site for people to put there masterpieces on. Both horrible and awesome flash artists alike and same with the voters should be paying their respects because without NG all of us would be bored as heck and have nothing to do. If you disagree, it's ok but I know without newgrounds I would be bored to death!

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4.08 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2005
9:53 AM EDT