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To be honest I never searched far and wide for artists for this...every single artist either found out about this from the forum or from a friend. I let in whoever wanted to join because thats how I feel Newgrounds as a website expresses itself best. Do the top artists HAVE to contribute to this just to get it recognised? The score clearly states that it doesn't. :)



That was awesome getting 100 artists on ng for a birthday flash

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A little bit of a shame...

A lot of prominent people who contribute NG aren't there, like Legendary Frog and the Super Flash Bros, to name a few. I woudn't want them taking the whole spotlight, but it'd be nice to see them there since thier characters are so well known in Newgrounds.

but I loved the idea and it was pretty awesome getting that many people, so good work :)

Here's to the next ten years!


did i not see the threat ^^ i could be in here me too gee i'm better than some of them ^^ lol good idea nice graphic for some and happy birthday newgrounds :D

amazing flash

happy tenth birthday newgrounds and may u have many more. i am planing to be a flash author in the near future and wish that i would be chosen that would be a honor and a privillage

Very Well Done

Guys this flash will live on in newgrounds history forever. Tom, this is dedecated to your baby, you should make spot for it on the front page, somewhere it can stay apart from the featured flash. It deserves it, i'd suggest right under the latest submisions, and move the purple pimp guy down a bit, but thats just me. Good work to all the artists who were a part of this. Your now like the historical figures that helped michalangelo paint the sistenth chapel.....even though noone knows who they were.

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Aug 24, 2005
9:53 AM EDT