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To be honest I never searched far and wide for artists for this...every single artist either found out about this from the forum or from a friend. I let in whoever wanted to join because thats how I feel Newgrounds as a website expresses itself best. Do the top artists HAVE to contribute to this just to get it recognised? The score clearly states that it doesn't. :)


great tribute!

Newground sis one of my favorite sites, and I like that it is finally being paid homage, my question, is how did you round up 100 artists?

This is why newgrounds was created in th 1st place

This is why newgrounds was created. People have been so drowned up over time. They have forgotten what newgrounds is really about. It was great to see such a wide variety of styles and animations. Also it was a great idea to include so many people. This site is for just pure fun and its taken a long time since the old days for people to relize that


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Preety cool,Happy Aniversary

The whole thing was cool keep the good work oh yah happy anivesary to newgrounds every1 that made this production i cant wait till yall all make new games and flashes ill look forward to them!!!!!


How exactly does one go about rounding up 100 artists. I'm sad I wasn't invited. Anyho, the concept didn't work for me. The whole counting to ten thing. Why not, gasp, count to 100. Sure it's the ten year anniversary and all (also you're a month late for that) but it was just annoying to watch. Had it been to 100 I could have delt with it a little better.
Anyhow, I think each artist did a good job as far as animation and style. I got no beef with that. I had to say that cause when you write a review for a flash that 100 people made, you'll likely see this below my review.

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It was so-so

It was pretty annoying to see all those anime wannabe animations, and the sound was loud and annoying in some parts. and the Concept was a little lame i have to admit. a few of them were good but it just seemed like a bunch of anime wannabes and idiotic unknown flash artists. You should of had like a celebration showing all of the old favorites and just a big picture of what newgrounds has become. something great. This did'nt really show that.

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Aug 24, 2005
9:53 AM EDT