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Update: 7/3/06 - Chrome- is dead.

Update 5/10/06 - Due to Guardian's self deletion, Chrome- has been added to the coauthor because he made the menu music!

Note that Guardian submitted the WoW and HL2 collabs, not me.

Although the Half Life 2 Collab was a smash hit, the World of Warcraft one wasn't given enough attention.

However, we now present to you an amazing spectacle in Newgrounds history: The Grand Theft Auto Collab!

Watch and be amazed as you experience this great piece of work that spanned the course of 18 days and THOUSANDS of frames, symbols, and lines of actionscript!



More like, "not attrocious".

Starberry responds:

ATTENTION WAID FLUP is a classic too you know

Ehh, that was bad.

There was no movement, The voices weren't good, and I spent five minutes (Exaggeration) on the scene where you click the voices (Opening scene?) because I didn't think to click the burgers.

Plus, would it kill you to not respons to a review with "Hi," "Hello," "Hey," "Hm," random comments ("sim city 3000 is pretty addicting for something so weirdly boring,""And to think, some people out there don't like the taste of beef jerky
:(" "microsoft sam is perfect," etc.), from now on?

Starberry responds:

I've responded to every single review. Many people don't do that.

Some reviews just did not deserve a very good response, or I could not think of one.

Sorry, no

Stills with a voice-over. A voice-over that is almost totally unintelligable. This really is not very good. At all.

Is it supposed to be good? Because you seem very proud about getting turd of the week.....

Starberry responds:

It is not supposed to be "good" but we had fun making it. Dunno about Vozz and TwoStar though, they might have not had very much fun.


I LUV YOU GUYS!!!! Thanks for all of the awesome abusive reviews that this flash has been collecting! You Rock! Keep it up!

Starberry responds:

be sure to check out my friends' latest work: ATTENSHUN WAID FLUP


Most funniest piece of rubbish i've ever seen or heard..............but i have to give it a 10 for effort......its worth watching.

Starberry responds:


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1.26 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2005
3:01 AM EDT
  • Turd of the Week August 31, 2005