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Update: 7/3/06 - Chrome- is dead.

Update 5/10/06 - Due to Guardian's self deletion, Chrome- has been added to the coauthor because he made the menu music!

Note that Guardian submitted the WoW and HL2 collabs, not me.

Although the Half Life 2 Collab was a smash hit, the World of Warcraft one wasn't given enough attention.

However, we now present to you an amazing spectacle in Newgrounds history: The Grand Theft Auto Collab!

Watch and be amazed as you experience this great piece of work that spanned the course of 18 days and THOUSANDS of frames, symbols, and lines of actionscript!


Funny, all i can say

Guardians one had to be the funniest out of all the colab, Rasberry clock which band was that you used in yours?

Starberry responds:

his name is vozz (raspberryGlock) the band is called Anal Cunt, seriously.

Rather.....weird but funny nevertherless :)

Guardian - Love the funny screenies, the voicing too!
RaspberryGlock - That was just....crap?
PenisStar - I pissed myself with laughter!!!!!!!
Twostar - Big list lol but good voicing!

OK well done guys and your next collab should be.................

well, you decide on that, we are waiting for your next collab!

Starberry responds:

hey a fan look guys a fan


That was so stupid it was funny. "I mean wtf. lol" type of funny. However i can say that this is definentally better than most of teh other turds that people submit.

Grafix-lol funny but bad 2/5
Style- i gotta hand it to ya u took a bold step- 4/5
Sound-lol again 2/5
Humor- a flash so bad its funny.... nice 5/5

overall-good job on making it bad now im gonna vote a... 3/5

Starberry responds:

star syndicate always makes good turds

I shit on anybody saying this sucks.

Nobody knows how to laugh with anything stupid anymore. =(

Oh well, time to go watch the Raspberry and OrangeClock submissions. =)

(and Daily200ns of course)

You gave this entry a 5, raising its score from 0.8041 to 0.8064!


Starberry responds:

.023 man thats a lot when it comes to bottomn of the barrel stuff

the half life 2 collab's score rose considerably over time.

Strike Three, or Four. I lost count. I dont care.

I dont know where I was for WoW Collab, but hey, I'll just review this one nice and puffy for you. This seems like a regular thing for us, you'd say? A regular get-together, a prescheduled brunch, a whatever the fuck you want to call it. But in all honesty, I still havent watched any of your videos, Gaurdian, nor do I intend to. I am not in the best state of mind to watch or write this. What? Okay, just nod your head and appreciate the finer things in life.

Please dont delete my review or ban me from reviewing. But Guardian, would you be totally offended if I quoted the bible, in reference to this wonderful animation / award winning melodrama / porn. Because I am going to do so anyways.

Now the earth was without shape and empty, and darkness was over the surface of the watery deep, but the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the water. God said, “Let there be light.” And there was light! God saw that the light was good, so God separated the light from the darkness. God called the light “day” and the darkness “night.” There was evening, and there was morning, marking the first day.

In all honesty I really dont want to type right now, infact I have just been copying and pasting random things from random places. Technically this is the last thing I am typing, everything else is just me pasting, pressing enter, pasting, typing. So to resolve your problems with this, I paste a small story:

The Turtle was not, by nature, a nice turtle. He was a stuck up and manipulative elderly turtle who beleived in the abusive torture method often used by Kings of Mideviel countries. To add further fright to those who were afraid of this turtle, he refused to accept a name like the other turtles of the Pond had. No, he simply chose the surename 'Turtle' and a 'The' to compliment it. This did indeed bring fear to those who were already afraid. And they were afraid of his gullotine just the same.

Most might think it weird that this old turtle had a guillotine sitting on the front porch of his lillypad apartment, but those who knew of this 'The Turtle' knew that it was not just an awkward decoration. My god no, it was an actual device he was known to use for any wandering treetoad that hopped upon his house. Or any turtle baby boy or girl that stumbled across his seaside lawn. Nobody fucked with The Turtle.

The End. How did you like my story, Gaurdian?

Okay, now, for the sake of education purposes, here is the same passage from the bible I used to reference to this most awesome animation, in Portuguese. So now all of you portuguese folk, so lovelingly bent on whatever, heres the verse.

No princípio criou Deus os céus e a terra. A terra era sem forma e vazia; e havia trevas sobre a face do abismo, mas o Espírito de Deus pairava sobre a face das águas. Disse Deus: haja luz. E houve luz. Viu Deus que a luz era boa; e fez separação entre a luz e as trevas. E Deus chamou à luz dia, e às trevas noite. E foi a tarde e a manhã, o dia primeiro.

That seemed like the most important thing I have ever said. You, me, the kids, this apartment. Macromedia Flash. Her tits, and my dvd rom. Hey Gaurdian can I be apart of the next collab? I want my very own turd of the week to be apart of, even if just for a moment, even just if for a second. Please oh please. I love you, Brad the Bartender, do you want to love me back? I'll be so good to you.

Sorry. Magnolia and Music is blaring in my head. I dont love you Brad, if Brads your name, I just want to collaborate absolute shit with you.

Okay, I love you. I wont lie.
I wont dare deny these emotions.

Starberry responds:

If you wish to participate head over to the Star Syndicate boards, it's my (Starberry) website link in my profile.

Also this is a great review but I don't know portuguese.

Yo se espanol, y yo tengo mucho <3 para usted. Ja ja ja ja XD XD XD. Nosotros encantan ese. Es muy facil ver porque usted nos encanta.


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Aug 24, 2005
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