Flying Dreams FBF

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Here's my first stab at a FBF animation. Short and sweet, silly and in need of more work. Enjoy.


Good jumping off

Good jumping off point. As the prev reviewer said, a bit longer would be good. Still a good effort over all. I'm always in favor of anything original. Was that Sam Kinneson??

it was good

i enjoyed it alot it was pretty funny. the sheep or lamb or whatever was funny. It was really good. the idea seems good but you need to make it longer and dont just cut it at the end like that. little more work and it'll be even better. lookin forward to your work.


Since it was a Frame by Frame--and your first at that--I scored on the high side. You're obviously headed in the right direction. Especially if this was your first "stab" at flash. I can tell there were a lot of frames in this animation despite it's short length.

To Misquote Lance Armstrong...

For those of you who don't believe in flying, I'm sorry you can't Dream Big, whatever that means.

Not bad. Not particularly good, either. We'll see.

StealAngel responds:

I think it means to hope and dream for great things. And if not, at the least, it means to have an immagination. ^_^


umm sorry friend but... i don't get the point

StealAngel responds:

There is no point. It's a random Frame by Frame that I did. This was my first stab at flash and didn't have any particular meaning or reason. I practiced different techniques in each scene. They'll get better. Just watch.

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2.37 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2005
2:11 AM EDT
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