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Black Knights Episode 1

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This movie will not make as much sense now as it will when i make the first episode i hope you all enjoy!!



this was an amazing piece. I understand that it won't make sense until the next addition but still well put together. your sound quality is a little low, thats why you got a nine. It was hard to understand what they were saying without reading the subtitles. That's ok and all but still a little annoying. other than that excellent work and I look forward to more. Oh and the book concept was very cool, been done before but you did make it cool. and I think it added to the story a lot.

Well done

Good start to a series but it doesnt say why the knights ware evil or show it but other than that this is a good start but i couldnt hear the speach very well it was quiet and muffled well the next one will be good.


Very well done, the sound kinda drouned out the the speach but you took care it with the subtitles.

Pretty good

I wanted to review this one too...

I thought the opening story for this was very well done, as always your graphics are great and you have a very exciting story to look forward to, this was a very welldone flash! The only complaints i have on this one is that the sound was blurred, and malagent was waaaaayyyyy too powerful, I understand that's the idea, he's bad guy and everyone's trying to stop him but he's too powerful, but this was ridiculous. Either he should have more help from accomplices or his ability should be reduced slightly, probably both. I mean let's be real here, a guy blowing up an entire castle with gigantic formations of green energy...definately too massively powerful...but otherwise I love this flash, keep making more and don't be discouraged by the fools who didn't like this series...


The Graphics were good, and the Animation, but the sound reminded me alot of trying to hear someone over a mobile when they're standing somewhere really windy. (Which probably most folk know is damned near impossible.)

Over all, it was ok. Maybe try the sound a different way and it would improve vastly.

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3.95 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2005
1:09 AM EDT