Over There: Segment 3

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Trip continues his journey across the room. What will he encounter next? Watch and find out!



Another excellent Over There:Segment movie.But there was a difference on this movie,it was better than part 1 and 2.

dude that was awesome

man... that was the best flash movie i ever seen... it was funny and well... a bunch of other stuff that i can't comprehend at this point of time... but make more flashes dawg... or i'll get you in your sleep


A very nice flash movie.
I like the old dude (story teller).
Cool idea of the BIG BLACK NINJA.
I think he is gonna make Trip trip :|
*Bad joke*
i love this stuff

overall quite dissapointing

I was happy to see your collaboration as i've seen both gel's and dustball's work and been a big fan, however, this claymation was not impressing and difficult to follow.

I gave 10s cause you guys are cool in the end but please stay away from this silly story and do some of your good stuff, like wink, or that sound animation thing that i forgot the name of with the white outlines of people or something, so yeah....

Dustball responds:

I agree that this isn't our best work. And it was written and animated over 5 years ago, and I think we've moved onto bigger and better things as well!


This must have taken minimum one week of hard ass work. Its nice to see a good stop animation once in a while, especialy when the character design is well made and the voice casting is above par.

Dustball responds:

Haha one week. I wish. It took around to 3 months to animate back in 2000. I've just spent 2 months with all of the revamping (editing, new voice recording, original music) It's taken all week just to compress each on into Flash and add the eggs and stuff. Oh yes, this stuff takes a while! Glad you liked it!

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3.98 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2005
11:37 PM EDT