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Todays Daily2oon will have the works of Roy masta,ChairAttackBitch,M
etal goat and Raspberry glock a.k.a Vozz.

Oh yeah and to the Da5crew. your all talk and no action.

When it comes time to flash duel a star syndicate member.

You make excuses. Hurry up with the ass kicking already.

Anyway, enjoy the show everyone.


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the only thing I liked about this dailytoons that the part of roy masta had a different style than the rest of the dailytoons That's right, I'm referring to pixel art that at least made variations of the animation style, and the others like it was very boring and nothing interesting except that in the first first that is what I liked at least!!!

Cute, funny, WTF

Roy Masta - You need to tell me why guys are so obsessed with sucking dick

ChairAttachBitch - Transformers, Robots in the sky!... WTF!!!

Raspberry Glock - WTF WAS THAT! Kinda funny =]

Metal Goat - Can't understand the sound but it was so cute! <3

didn't like it too much

I thought that was a little dull with few exceptions. Creative, but dull.


you knonw that really wasnt that bad, pretty funny actually good job

Excellent as usual

You might want to remember to add coauthor though :(.

TheStarSyndicate responds:

Problem sloved a month later. Roy Masta and ChairAtackBitch are now both co authors.