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Miss Dynamite XVIII

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Ok, first thing, there seems to be a bug in the movie for MAC viewers. I have no idea how to fix it, so... SORRY! It seems to be working fine in Wind'oh.
Second thing, if you get a bug during the preloader, let it all load, right-click and rewind.
Turd, mmh, I dunno. Thanks to Kagome, Rina Hidachi, Serge-em and Ice Wolf. The first voice is done by me.
That's about it.


Well, I liked it.

How could anyone not like a Miss Dynamite where everyone turns into Transformers (more than meets the eye! Heh.) and then proceeds to flip out and blow shit up. Besides, I've always secretly hated that damn Elian Gonzales. Keep up the good work, Sirkowski.

Of all the possible villains...

That you could've chosen, why Elian Gonzales? What does that say about Miss Dynamite? She's capable of beating up a little boy? Who cares?

I think it's time for a new bad guy... The transformer thing was pretty funny...

Why is everyone always drooling over Miss Dynamite? She not really that good looking anyway...

i love the seiries but this was too much

the transformers are weird but its not the same goodness as the other episodes i was a little generas as well with my rateing oter miss d fans shuld brace for this one and wach the other episodes before waching this

I'm a fan....

but this is not your best...

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I Love The Series...

i love this series!!! this episode got kinda hardcore though, but its still a good episode. but i think i may have liked them better before when it stayed more...real life like, with handguns and real things

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4.14 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2005
11:27 PM EDT