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My wife and I created this a while ago, but decided last night to share it with the world. We hope you enjoy it a lot. For those who can't read the instructions, click and drag the bodies to catch the falling heads. Bodies connected to the right head will raise your score and bring you closer to the next round. Bodies connected to the wrong head.. well.. you get the idea....

Enjoy! And we appreciate reviews!



i have to say that this is probly 1 of my favourite games on newgorunds, iti s sumthing new and never thought up ,as far as i know. got to a bout level 7 then i started losing id would rteli like to know what the higest lvl sum1 aver got lovly game,arne the turle r u married to steal angel, no offence if u r not, but i love ur work

A Cleanish Game

This by far has got to be the cleanest game on newgrounds, even though it involves reuniting cute little animal bodies, with their decapitated Heads. Simple everything, EXCEPT for those lame animal noises. Good Job though


I am thoroughly scared out of my wits.


Interesting little game, this one. Cute in a headless-teddy-with-a-chainsaw sort of way... The idea works and the control system is brilliantly simple, but the animal sounds are very offputting. What I like most about this game however is the fact that (as far as I can see) you just CAN'T LOSE, those heads could just keep falling forever...

...or until your computer crashes.

Good game

Overall, I liked it. The challenge certainly went up with the levels, to the point where it was difficult to match the bodies with the falling heads. The sound for each of the animals was annoying and the only reason I got out of the game. Gameplay was solid, bacjground music was very good, animation was strong... however I was slightly disturbed by the falling heads and the creation of some sort of momentary Franken-pet. O_o

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3.30 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2005
2:47 PM EDT
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