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My wife and I created this a while ago, but decided last night to share it with the world. We hope you enjoy it a lot. For those who can't read the instructions, click and drag the bodies to catch the falling heads. Bodies connected to the right head will raise your score and bring you closer to the next round. Bodies connected to the wrong head.. well.. you get the idea....

Enjoy! And we appreciate reviews!


u are sick people

u r sick for not sharing this earler. it is awesome

ArneTheTurtle responds:

LMAO. Thanks. I think that was the most humorous response I've read. ^_^

Kawaii game!

And strategic too! I only played a little bit but it would be awesome having 3 different animals and the heads dropping franticly.

ArneTheTurtle responds:

More animals are added as you hit higher levels. I believe there's 5 animals total.


It seems like it would have been a pretty cool game (other people seem to like it too) but I can't move anything on my computer. I guess it must just be a mac thing... but I can't play it. :(

ArneTheTurtle responds:

ummmm.. it may very well be a mac thing... Or it may be that you weren't clicking and dragging the bodies with the mouse.. Who knows.. either way, it's rather rude to lower someones score because you can't figure out how the game works.. Thanks for the props anyway...

An entertaining little flash game.

I really enjoyed playing this little game, it was nice and simple, but it got very hard later on as well.

Good job.

Very fun ^^

I'm hopeing this'll hit front page, it's a very difficult and interesting bame that I got addicted to faster then usual. If there were anything to add to this, maybe a way you could "fail" because as I saw there wasn't, but the difficultyl factor was impressive for such a simple concept.

The music was great and went with the game pretty well, and I ended up snickering a lot at the naimal noises that was firing out rapidly as I was missing them around stage 9.. XD

Keep up with the fun ideas.. ^^

ArneTheTurtle responds:

I pondered what you said about "a way to fail" for a little while before I actually understood what you meant. LOL. My bad. Check the left hand corner of the screen. There will be a count down of how many animals you need to connect before you can move to the next level. Once you get to level...I dunno...4 or so the background changes and so does the music...you even get more animals. Failing--now if you match the wrong head with the wrong body, that counter in the left corner goes UP and you have more work to complete before the next level. But point made that it wasn't exactly OBVIOUS what happens when you miss. We'll keep that in mind for vs. 2

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3.30 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2005
2:47 PM EDT
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