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Talk about a stalled collab. This has taken about four and a half months to complete...and was meant to be done in a week. It's my (Seizure_Dog) fault really. It's not a good trait to procrastinate when you're the leader. Better late than never I suppose, I hope you enjoy.


go godzila go!!! for the people for the planet!!

DUDE THIS FUKING KICKS ASS!! I really love that song ever since i heard it ive been trying to fin d it on the net but cant could you maybe send it to me? Any way it was rteally awsoime the only part i didnt like was the part about ginger cat beating godzilla that was fuking bull but anyway keep up the good work.

SeizureDog responds:

I would send it to you but you don't have an email in your profile :P

Thanks for lovin' it though :D

Gorjira!..gozla..gradula...oh wait... Godzilla!!!!

OWNED!!! that was cool, you guys should have fit Jet Jaguar in there somwhere, he was tat one robot from godzilla vs megalon... he sucked. cool flash!!! voted 5 all the way man!

SeizureDog responds:

Dude, Rodan would totally get in before him :P


A lot of Godzilla related Flashes....well, are retarded. But this....this is....incredible. GIVE ME THAT SONG!!!! 8D

SeizureDog responds:

too lazy :P try finding it yourself

BEST COLLAB EVA!!!!1!!1!!!!11!!!

No I'm not joking! This pwnz all other collabs! Wanna know why? Because other collabs are organised by people who put up artists which the organiser has no bloody idea what these artists are actually capable of, and that just ruins it for everyone. Yours is different, it involves artists that you know have the power to wield Flash at Newgrounds and hit it real good! Getting to the point, I really liked this. The beginning bit was funny with all the random Japanese crap! A good contribute to Japanese style through this collab's eyes. I think this should be a lesson for the future if any of you users are reading this:
Before you make a collab, see what the artists are capable of then make them do something more simple. Yea, that'll make us happy.

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SeizureDog responds:

You flatter me in ways you'll never know :D

You reviewers should pay attention to what this guy writes. Use it as an example ;)



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Aug 21, 2005
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