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Talk about a stalled collab. This has taken about four and a half months to complete...and was meant to be done in a week. It's my (Seizure_Dog) fault really. It's not a good trait to procrastinate when you're the leader. Better late than never I suppose, I hope you enjoy.


this movie was sweet

this movie rocked even tho the graphics werent good but how cares( soem people do but not me lol (^_^)

SeizureDog responds:

I care :O

lol, jk, doesn't matter as long as you like :P

Gorjira!..gozla..gradula...oh wait... Godzilla!!!!

OWNED!!! that was cool, you guys should have fit Jet Jaguar in there somwhere, he was tat one robot from godzilla vs megalon... he sucked. cool flash!!! voted 5 all the way man!

SeizureDog responds:

Dude, Rodan would totally get in before him :P

I love godzilla

I've always loved the big green guy, and the animation was cool. But seriously, that song was terrible. There are way better songs about Godzilla.

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SeizureDog responds:

Like the Blue Oyster Cult song? I hate that one.

Well I agree with SR Kagemusha

I been a fan forever anything you ask ill know but i didnt like the stupid parts were they beat godzilla that sucked the first part was good but the end was really bad anyways nice job guys but do alittle better next time

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SeizureDog responds:

lol, No! You, Godzilla2000, like Godzilla? I never would have known :P

You gotta Love the Big green guy

Being a Godzilla fan all my life,I gotta say this flash rocked.The only thing I didn't like was the starting animation.But aside from that it is the best Godzilla flash ever!The song is really cool and I need it now.Well anyhow Great Flash guys keep up the great work.

SeizureDog responds:

Thank you very much a-Mr.Roboto.

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3.79 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2005
9:05 PM EDT
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