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Talk about a stalled collab. This has taken about four and a half months to complete...and was meant to be done in a week. It's my (Seizure_Dog) fault really. It's not a good trait to procrastinate when you're the leader. Better late than never I suppose, I hope you enjoy.


very happy

this is not a good movie,music is great ti think its a feel good m ovie,afer the firt 20 secs i wanted to dance togher whit the song!
for every1 depressed this movie will make ur day
Fatdollie has spoken,goodnight,drive safely

SeizureDog responds:

Not a good movie, but happy?

Well, that's good enough for mwah.

crap utter crap

this was terrible, i cant believe this was actually allowed on newgrounds the music is good ill give ya that but the animaton was intolerable i know godzilla is bad in effects but even Toho would say this is complete shit, someone get rid of this crappy vid or redo it at least

SeizureDog responds:

You havn't really seen much on this site yet have you?

pretty damn good lads...

although i was hoping to see someone stick a skyline cameo really fast in it, was praying actualy, but to no avail, but it was still rockin, you guys should slap another one together

SeizureDog responds:

No idea what a skyline is. Otherwise I might have put it in :P

That was a real good collab.

I loved it, one of the betters. All my 5 are belong to this.

SeizureDog responds:

What you say? :D


Being a huge Godzilla fan, I'm excited someone actualy made a Godzilla flash. But still, it could have been better. The song is great but not enough of the big G trashing tokyo and kickin' monster butt. Please try again and make a better one!

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Aug 21, 2005
9:05 PM EDT
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