Suicidal Rabbit

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the rabbit who hates life tries to kill himself in odd ways


This was funny...

This was funny although it didn't mean it was a good flash.
I think the graphics could have been better and there could be some music to go with it. Work harder.

that is just mean.

this is not to the auther but to the reviewer before me.1,learn to spell.2,go and think about doing something useful with your life.3 you dont know anything cos a whistle cant get someone banned anyway,it will just delete their submission if they are guilty.

To the author,the movie was ok,but maybe make the next a little longer if you can -->:P

I agree with Gold Choco Nite

you have blatently stolen every pun in this flash from the books! i have both of them and all the jokes are from the books! even the KKK one, they are all taken from the book and by not crediting the ORIGINAL author, your trying to take all the credit. how pathetic are you?

oh, and btw, just because Jach5 got the wrong message, doesnt give you the right to insult him about it, and in your reply to Ritrox, a fucking DOG could pull a better flash out of its ass than you can manage, i mean, was one of YOUR HANDS down ur pants while u made this? thought so.

so in your own words, "you utter tit most other people got that so piss off and think before you write"

please give up FLASH
PS, submissions can still be blammed once they are through dumbass

Cancer responds:

you know what, i only glanced at a bunny suicides book ONCE. EVER! i liked it sooo much i made this. yes i forgot to put credit in but who cares you all know anyway! and y do u lot care soooo much about credit? i dont know whats in the book i just do it anyway and i seriously doubt kkk was in da book btw. jach5 insulted me coz he got the wrong message so i just gave some back and if a dog could pull better out of its arse lets see u try.


very random and dumb....and i only managed a very small laugh out of it.

Dude that was lame

You so stole that from a book series from a celebrated author called "bunny suicides". And whats worst is that you didnt give it any style what so ever. That is so lame! At least give credit to the book series instead of making people think ou came up with the concept!!!

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Cancer responds:

is the author really called bunny suicides? and when did i ever mention i came up with idea for this flash NOW WHERE! u r a fuckin retarded fool who knows nothing therfore i am ignoring this review entirely

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Aug 21, 2005
4:18 PM EDT
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