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DCK: Oh, Baby!

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Author Comments

The fourth REAL toon in the series.. Finally... Vallos and Klunk are playing video games when Cycon comes in and tells a joke that leads to some funny trouble! Tee-hee!

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paint barn with baby.....

Not the best of the DCK,really....The graphics and all are really good but....Painting barn with baby?!?I don't want to know who have this idea!!!!

personnal note:
The "always loser" part of me ( an everybody have one (if you say no, it's not a part,but the whole you who are a looser ( take it friendly(^_^)))) is just wishing a little something good to this poor Klunk....

"His Days of Bitchery Were Over!" Lmao

The lipsynching was good, Animation was alot better. Yeah. That stuff.

Everything seemed pretty clear to me. And it was voice-acted pretty well. I don't think its necessary that I say I don't like Vallos' voice but I did anyway.

Ehr... Nothing really. I guess you could consider Klunks ass-whuppage to be Violent. If only a bit.

Theres that play button. 1 point.

Theres alot of funny lines in here, Lmao. "Player 2, Fucking sucks." and the Duracell joke. Yeah. Lol.

Another Quality Episode from the DCK crew. : )

its not as good as your last stuff

the only thing that I really couldn't stand wa shte dorky kids voice. it fucking annoy the shit out of me. i just wanted to pull that kid out of that flash n beat the shit out of him. overall it was good but not great

This was really good!

This was excellent man, i think this is my favourite in the series so far. I cant really complain about anything in this, i dont have anything you can improve on or anything that id like to see changed in the next episode. I mean this is one of the better flash i have seen over the past couple days, here is my review.

The graphics were awesome, everything about them was other than a slight lack in detail for some backrounds, but in general the backrounds were very detailed and pleasant to look at. The character design is nearly flawless, you got a really original way of drawing and animating your characters. The detail in them is awesome, yet you keep them fitting everything else, in other words they are cartoony just like the rest of your graphics, and i must say i love your animating style. The actual animation is nothing short of awesome either. Your overall style was well im going to say it again, awesome, and not just because of your animating style. I loved the idea and the presentation of your idea. It is creative, a little cruel, but still creative. Your sense of humour adds to the presentation as well and in this case in a very good way. The sound was great in every way except quality, sometimes it was good, sometiems it was hard to hear some voices. At least to me it seemed that way. But i loved the voice acting and sound effects quite a bit.

Overall this was, yes you guessed it, an AWESOME movie, and i think it deserves a higher score than that. Wellv here is a 5/5 to help it get there, congrats!

This is great! Keep up the good work! :)

Keep it up!
This made me laugh my ass off!
Can't wait for the next one!

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Credits & Info

4.11 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2005
5:03 PM EDT
Comedy - Original