America Hates Sex

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Quick random thing: Hey, look! This is my 40th flash movie released on Newgrounds. :)

I'm back yet again, NG. Back with another shitty cartoon.
The subject in this one is a tiny bit outdated, but, hey, as they say, better late then never, right?
Anyways, if anyone is interested, this is meant to be a companion piece to "Passion of the Christians" (which you can now view in the "Religion" section in "Collections" on this site).
So you'll see characters from PoC make cameos.


donald trump is much better president than george w bush

Kinda reminds me of the whole NSA spying on americans ordeal so it really isn't THAT outdated in fact it's just as funy now as it is back then. You're actually pretty good with political and religious humor you should make more of this crap!

Love It! Has an almost South Park feel to it. I simply adore creative, witty sarcasm that carries a hard-hitting message. ^^

anti-sex? I hope this is a joke.

It wasnt funny but I think you should see a therapist if you werent joking.
I do believe there should be a distinction between "child porn" and regular porn
as there is a difference between repe and sex, but the thought of outlawing sex is laughable.

Because of the nature of this video I was constantly confused.I couldnt tell if it was for or against this child porn law its pretty badly animated also.

EricSullivan responds:

The cartoon, in a nutshell, is suppose to be a joke on how America is quick to pass unnecessary restrictions on normal pornography in a misguided attempt to help prevent child pornography, which in no way does so. This in turn segways (very poorly) into a satire on people's own uncomfortable feelings towards sex in general.

Looking back on this, I probably should of only focused on one topic, since the two kind of muddle each other. Preferably the topic of people's views on sex in general, which is far more funny and interesting and lends itself to the title more.


freakin hilarous !

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Aug 20, 2005
6:28 AM EDT
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