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MK Konquest Adventure 1

rated 4.06 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Parody

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Aug 20, 2005 | 6:12 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Those of you who have seen Shujinko & Damashi, this is the long...long...VERY long awaited remake. Well, perhaps no one was actually waiting for it, but dagnabbit, here it is. Check out this impressive list of features.

-Audio Commentary
-Annoy Shao Kahn
-Cast and Crew Bios
-Damashi, an Emotional Guide
-Hidden Scene (look for clickable text in the audio commentary)

A long, long time in the making.

Music Credits
Most everything is by me, but there's a couple ones that aren't:

O Fortuna - Therion (Trailer)
To Mega Therion - Therion (Trailer)



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

haha! awesome!

Im a fan of Mortal Combat and it might take a fan who has played Mortal Combat Deception to totally understand it, but you dont need to be a fan to still laugh at the great funny humor and characters in it! my fav dude is the evil guy which I seem to of forgotten the name of(yeah what big fan I am...) keep up the good work, im looking forward to the next episode.

Bezo responds:

Probably Shao Kahn, as Damashi's more of an evil ball of light than a guy. Yeah, there's a lot of Deception jokes as well as a few oldschool MK jokes. But I'm so immersed in the MK culture that I like to reference almost everything I can because those that don't get it won't care, but those who do will love it. :D I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do with all the skills now at my disposal.

Thanks for your review and the nine. I like nines. They're not quite 10s, but they still kick ass.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Meat Blaze: cherrio!
Damashi:yeah...raisin bran.
i was LMAO yo. and not many flashes make me laugh much. so this goes to my favorites. and the end song was funny

Bezo responds:

I'm glad it was LMAO. I'm even glad it warranted a yo. It's always good to be added to the favourites list of anyone. Makes me feel like what I do is worth the obscene amount of time I dedicated to it. ;)



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

LOL, Great work.

I must admit i was a bit skeptical about this being good at the start for a couple reasons. First im not usually very fond of mortal combat flash, except obviously with a couple exceptions. And also the beginning was a little bit slow going so i really wasnt expecting much. But by the end i had laughed so many times, it really recovered. Here is my review now.

The graphics were great, again a little slow going, i liked it when more of the energy ball's (i dont know what to call him anymore :D) emotions were being shown. It was like the graphics and everything about them improved abruptly. The drawings were all good, the backround was simple, yet i found it did the job and the animation was great. The style of this movie was awesome other than the slow going beginning. I liked your animating style but thats not all i liked about your style. The idea was nice, but more so how it was presented. I loved the sense of humour in this, and the personalities you gave each character. The story was actual good and seemed to be well though out as well, though there wasnt much progress in this episode. The sound was awesome too, mostly because of the voice acting, it had great expression.

Overall this was a very good movie and it definitely wasnt a waste of time to watch. Well i hope to be seeing episode 2 very soon! 4/5

Bezo responds:

To be perfectly honest with you, I'm not a big fan of Mortal Kombat flashes either. They usually descend into sprites either killing or screwing each other. And there's always that peanut butter jelly song. It really did indeed start out slowly. This was because I had no written script. The entire thing was improvised. I had some idea of where it was going, but that was it. And I think that's the way to do it. Because when you write down a script, you edit, and you prune, and you take stuff out, and put different stuff in, and by the time you're finished you don't ever care if it's funny anymore. You're just glad it's over. I'm a very random person. My girlfriend and I are two of the craziest people you'll ever meet. We go off on tangents and bizarre ramblings at the drop of a hat. And sometimes we have to bring a hat to drop.

The personalities of the characters are all founded in the personalities I've been developing for them in my webcomic, The Adventures Of Spirit Liu over the last year. Shujinko is an idiot who is overly trusting in anyone who seems like they have authoritaw. Smoke is a guy who basically just wants to be loved, and is very easy going. Dude, totally. Shao Kahn has a serious anger management problem. And hates everyone. Meat-Blaze is like a sarcastic version of C-3P0. Without the gay part, no matter what Shao Kahn says. In the next episode we'll get our first peek at Spirit Liuniverse Scorpion. Hopefully with this animated series, I will avoid the pitfalls I encountered in my webcomic with oversaturating it with characters. I literally had 40 sidestories in addition to the main Spirit Liu dealing with death one. And I finally had to put my foot down and kill off 20+ characters in a single episode. That was a fun episode.

So I'm glad it wasn't a waste of your time and I'm sorry that episode II will most likely not be out very soon. But it will be out. Unfortunately.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice, quite nice

Smooth animation, smooth movement, funny, dynamic storyline... definitely deserves a 9! Good job.

Bezo responds:

Heh, yeah, very smooth animation. You could hardly even tell they were moving. ;) I'm glad you liked it and will take your 9 and place it in a place of honour with all the 8s 9s and 10s I love so very much.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I loved Kamidougu and that was very cool too!
Hope to see more!

Bezo responds:

Thanks, good to see KOTK fans making the crossover to the very different world of Konquest Adventure.

Well, sorta different.

You will see more in the future. As soon as I can make them. I will take your 9 and your respect and put them somewhere safe. Thanks again.