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MK Konquest Adventure 1

rated 4.06 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Parody

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Aug 20, 2005 | 6:12 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Those of you who have seen Shujinko & Damashi, this is the long...long...VERY long awaited remake. Well, perhaps no one was actually waiting for it, but dagnabbit, here it is. Check out this impressive list of features.

-Audio Commentary
-Annoy Shao Kahn
-Cast and Crew Bios
-Damashi, an Emotional Guide
-Hidden Scene (look for clickable text in the audio commentary)

A long, long time in the making.

Music Credits
Most everything is by me, but there's a couple ones that aren't:

O Fortuna - Therion (Trailer)
To Mega Therion - Therion (Trailer)



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Meat Blaze: cherrio!
Damashi:yeah...raisin bran.
i was LMAO yo. and not many flashes make me laugh much. so this goes to my favorites. and the end song was funny

Bezo responds:

I'm glad it was LMAO. I'm even glad it warranted a yo. It's always good to be added to the favourites list of anyone. Makes me feel like what I do is worth the obscene amount of time I dedicated to it. ;)



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


LOL I thought that was quite funny. Real nice animation, graphics, and sound. Good work. Really good work. LOL really funny. I wanna see more of these in the future. Hope to. Keep up your good work.

Bezo responds:

Thanks. I enjoyed making it almost as much as I enjoyed sharing it with the world. Actually, the making part was agonizing.

Still, once it was finished, all the time seemed worthwhile and making the Front Page and getting daily third place...well, that's just a little whipped cream on my non-fat ice cream sundae. There will be more. How many? I can't say. I'm starting up college in 9 days and my free time will be dramatically reduced, so we'll see.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice, quite nice

Smooth animation, smooth movement, funny, dynamic storyline... definitely deserves a 9! Good job.

Bezo responds:

Heh, yeah, very smooth animation. You could hardly even tell they were moving. ;) I'm glad you liked it and will take your 9 and place it in a place of honour with all the 8s 9s and 10s I love so very much.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


That is one excellent flash movie. I didn't think you would have that many different styles of art. Or is this done by different people?

Bezo responds:

Nope, every single aspect of this Flash (except the sprites, obviously, and one or two sound effects) was done entirely by me over the course of hundreds of hours. Though having many different styles was part of my design. In the trailer, especially I wanted there to be MK versions of many famous Flashes, but I settled on Madness and BadgerBadgerBadger. I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope to see you for Episode II, which will have a dramatically improved framerate. The first 6 episodes of Konquest Of The Kamidogu and this all had a framerate of 12 fps, the Flash default. In Konquest Of The Kamidogu VII, I increased the framerate to 20 fps and the result was dramatically better. So all my future flashes will be set to 20 fps, I think. If I start having lag issues, I may adjust it back though. The .fla file for this movie was 186.6 megs.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Amazing as hell(ohhh!)

This flash has everything! The production values were really quite high in this movie. The graphics were good but man, the sound was excellent. You could hear everything clearly and the voices were perfect(they really make the characters likeable).

The movie was also funny as hell(ohhh!) and the jokes were really well done(I still don't get what a metaphor is, I feel stupid). The special features were all over the top in awesomeness(is that even a word?) The commentarie was amazing and I really want a Shao Kahn plushie. Excellent job Bezo, I can't wait to see the next part.

Bezo responds:

Thanks. I spent a lot of time developing my animation style (and I've even changed it since this was made), but I pride myself on my excellent sound ability. As a lot of you know, I'm mostly a composer of music and this animation thing is just something I do for fun and I have access to top of the line musical and audio tools. I think I can share one of my secrets though. This is the trick to having good Flash audio.

First, you need some kind of audio sequencer program. Something like Reason/Cool Edit Pro (now Adobe Audition) for PC or Logic Express (or Pro)/Soundtrack Pro for Mac (I recommend Soundtrack Pro because of its relative cheapness compared to Logic, but I use Logic Pro and Soundtrack Pro together). Then you import all the audio you plan to use into it. All the dialogue, all the sound effects, all the music. Using the sequencer part of the program, arrange everything in tracks and start building a soundtrack for every scene. Then when you're finished, adjust all the levels for maximum sound clarity. In other words, have the music, but not so it overpowers the dialogue, and don't have the sound effects suddenly be a lot louder than the dialogue. I do this for every scene in the Flash. Then, record your soundtrack (bouncing) as a single audio file and import it directly into Flash (in .WAV format). Them animate to the soundtrack. When you publish, make sure your sound files are set to Stream, and your audio bitrate is set to MP3, 32 kbps, Best (stereo or mono is fine). Your file will take a while to publish, but it will make up for it in filesize and sound quality. Just make a sandwich or read a book while you're waiting. ;) MKKA ep 1 took about 3 minutes to publish and I have a very, very fast computer. I'm glad people liked my commentary and I really want a Shao Kahn plushie too.

Until I find someone who can make them, I guess I'll have to rely on my drawing of one.

Thanks for the review and if anyone who's having sound woes reads this, I hope it helps.