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The money you get increases as the game gets farther. It doesn't take till level 50 to get something good, you can get a new weapon about every 5 levels early on. So PLAY THE GAME BEFORE SAYING IT SUCKS YOU DON'T GET ENOUGH MONEY!

Wow, back on the front page. Thanks

HINTS! Backshot is a vital weapon for the 3rd boss, so save up! Backshot also makes quick work of thos damn turrets!

Now people are complaining about not being able to move certain diagonal directions.
QUOTED FROM dwn_n_drty: "Let go of space if you want to go in a diagonal direction. Modern keyboards only let three keys to be pressed at a time."

Damn people stop asking for color! It's SUPPOSED TO BE BLACK AND WHITE it gives it style! I MEAN COME ON! DO YOU EVEN THINK IT WOULD LOOK GOOD IN COLOR? It's not a game with the color sucked out. It's a game designed in black and white to look good only in black and white.

Current Arcade Mode Highscore: $953 by Helmed
Instructions below for the highscore contest

NOTE! You only get cash to start off with in easy mode. It is only recomended you play this mode if normal mode gives you trouble.

Don't judge the game on the first mission! If you don't want to play through to see different enemies, play arcade mode!

Press q or right click to change quality

70 levels, 21 weapons, 14 enemies, and 7 bosses. This thing is huge.

I hope you enjoy my greatest work I spent more time on this than anything else and I believe that it is my best work. Even better than Magnetism.

Have fun! And Visit my site!

Highscore Contest: E-mail me a screenshot of your score on arcade mode and the highest will be put at the top with your username.



loved it, loved it, loved it
nice work, you have to make some 10 outa 10

Cut it into 35 levels and make bosses every 5

I was sick of the kill 300 of these guys to advance missions. It got way too repetitive. However I did like the thousand cuppie mission because while they all came down they looked like a rotating double helix or DNA. Excellent work, loved it but again next time less filler missions.

Anyone who doesn't give this game straight 10's is

on crack. There is sooo much to do and it is a blast to play. There are so many weapons, and enemies and levels. The gameplay is addicting and doesn't get tiresome even after hours of gameplay. Why the hell this doesn't have a score well over 4 is beyond me. So much effort went in to this and Glaiel, it finally has paid off. I hope you stick to doing more game like this, rather than quick games that take a few days to make. Yeah it takes forever, but it feels a lot more accomplishing when you're done. I really love this game, keep it up!

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

When it was under judgment easy and hard modes didn''t work, and people votes lower, but I fixed that now, and it's score continues to rise. But hey, I have a whole nother day for it's score to rise for a portal award.

Project: Success

Enemies: 4/5: Good variety and bosses, but geez those stationary turrets are a pain.
Upgrades *drool*: 4/5: Again, good variety, but they don't all work extremely good.
First impression: 5/5: Grabs your attention without being soley dedicated to it.
Replay value: 3/5: For the different upgrades.
Storyline: 5/5: Not hard to follow or forget, but effeciantly fused into the game.

great game

im just sorry it didnt get the time it deserved on the front page and got replaced by that crappy mausland game

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

I know, but what can you do other than pester the admins?

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4.07 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2005
9:40 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight