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The money you get increases as the game gets farther. It doesn't take till level 50 to get something good, you can get a new weapon about every 5 levels early on. So PLAY THE GAME BEFORE SAYING IT SUCKS YOU DON'T GET ENOUGH MONEY!

Wow, back on the front page. Thanks

HINTS! Backshot is a vital weapon for the 3rd boss, so save up! Backshot also makes quick work of thos damn turrets!

Now people are complaining about not being able to move certain diagonal directions.
QUOTED FROM dwn_n_drty: "Let go of space if you want to go in a diagonal direction. Modern keyboards only let three keys to be pressed at a time."

Damn people stop asking for color! It's SUPPOSED TO BE BLACK AND WHITE it gives it style! I MEAN COME ON! DO YOU EVEN THINK IT WOULD LOOK GOOD IN COLOR? It's not a game with the color sucked out. It's a game designed in black and white to look good only in black and white.

Current Arcade Mode Highscore: $953 by Helmed
Instructions below for the highscore contest

NOTE! You only get cash to start off with in easy mode. It is only recomended you play this mode if normal mode gives you trouble.

Don't judge the game on the first mission! If you don't want to play through to see different enemies, play arcade mode!

Press q or right click to change quality

70 levels, 21 weapons, 14 enemies, and 7 bosses. This thing is huge.

I hope you enjoy my greatest work I spent more time on this than anything else and I believe that it is my best work. Even better than Magnetism.

Have fun! And Visit my site!

Highscore Contest: E-mail me a screenshot of your score on arcade mode and the highest will be put at the top with your username.


Much too hard

I enjoy playing hard games, but not beyond reason. Starting at level 3 with the M-turrets, the laser projectiles simply become impossible to dodge with the bulky, slow aircraft. I finally gave up on the game at level 12, where I could never reach my quota because the W fighters would all go from the top of the screen and swerve off the side of the screen, never to be seen again, before it became physically possible to kill them via my uber-laser. I don't even want to know what the other 58 levels are like.


the monochrome look is a great step outside the other shooter games on the sight and adds a bit of a spacey feel to it. after playing plenty of missions and being on about level 60, I think i can say that there is plenty of money to be had as long as you kill most of the enemies on each level.
The only major thing that bothered me was when the A fighters would fly behind me and do a loop to come back and smash into me.
Great work man.


One of the best shooters i have played. You just can't stop playing once you have started. I liked the gameplay style, where you have to choose which weapon you want to use, and the sheer amount of weapons makes it better.
The final boss takes a while to destroy, maybe lower his health a bit and give him a second weapon?
The type two bombers are impossible to destory is they come in groups of about 3, and are close together. They seed the whole screen with bullets.
But, overall, I thought it was a great game and worth a 5!

Loved it.

This is one of the best Shooters I have played yet and even though the graphics are monochrome I still love it. It gives it a retro feel to the game!

to the guys the voted 1....

wepond 4 is "spead shot" no duh is shoots arkwardly

anyway, i recomend this wepond to players that are saying " it's too hard...
wepond 1 (yes, ONE) lvl 3, it's cheap and fires rocket rapidly

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4.07 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2005
9:40 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight