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The money you get increases as the game gets farther. It doesn't take till level 50 to get something good, you can get a new weapon about every 5 levels early on. So PLAY THE GAME BEFORE SAYING IT SUCKS YOU DON'T GET ENOUGH MONEY!

Wow, back on the front page. Thanks

HINTS! Backshot is a vital weapon for the 3rd boss, so save up! Backshot also makes quick work of thos damn turrets!

Now people are complaining about not being able to move certain diagonal directions.
QUOTED FROM dwn_n_drty: "Let go of space if you want to go in a diagonal direction. Modern keyboards only let three keys to be pressed at a time."

Damn people stop asking for color! It's SUPPOSED TO BE BLACK AND WHITE it gives it style! I MEAN COME ON! DO YOU EVEN THINK IT WOULD LOOK GOOD IN COLOR? It's not a game with the color sucked out. It's a game designed in black and white to look good only in black and white.

Current Arcade Mode Highscore: $953 by Helmed
Instructions below for the highscore contest

NOTE! You only get cash to start off with in easy mode. It is only recomended you play this mode if normal mode gives you trouble.

Don't judge the game on the first mission! If you don't want to play through to see different enemies, play arcade mode!

Press q or right click to change quality

70 levels, 21 weapons, 14 enemies, and 7 bosses. This thing is huge.

I hope you enjoy my greatest work I spent more time on this than anything else and I believe that it is my best work. Even better than Magnetism.

Have fun! And Visit my site!

Highscore Contest: E-mail me a screenshot of your score on arcade mode and the highest will be put at the top with your username.


Great Game

I'll agree with ya. this game is not ment to be played in color. It's Fun as all hell. Some of the guns blew, some of em didn't, and some of em were even pretty cool. I've got a decent system yet still had to play it on medium quality.

My only real complaint was the sound got old real fast and having a option of turning the music off would be great. Props to you for doing the music though. It's a pain in the tookish to do music. I've noticed a lot of people around here just like to rip off the music from somewhere else.

Otherwise keep it in Black and white keep up the good work. look foward to seeing your next game.

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best game ive ever played on ng

wow!! this is by far the classiest space shooter i have ever palyed. it has so mauch class that if Frank Sinatra came to newgrounds it would be all he would play.

btw, i only gave a 9 for sound because even though the music is great, there is no way to turn it off.

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Very nice job

Very Good! This game is great! I love all the different weapon choices and the creativity of it all! The black and white "monochrome" style really fits it and complements the game play!


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very, very nice job

This is a great game. The only gripes I had were the fact that the music was a bit repetitive, but I got over that, and the fact that my computer is too damn slow to work this game sometimes when it gets baddie intensive; that last one's my own damn fault though, so I don't hold it against you. Great game.

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I love it.

You've mastered the art of verticle scrolling shooter. Congrats. I think the only thing that could possibly make this better would be different backgrounds between levels, like planets or something instead of just stars. As for color, well, I don't think it would help with the eerie-space feel that you've created.

But the graphics really are nothing to worry about, because the game play is fabulous. Not repetetive like Raiden X gets after the first little while, strategic planning is involved, loads of weaponry, many different enemies, tough bosses, and the largest array of levels I think I've ever seen in a flash game.

To those who're bitching and complaining about the graphics, suck a dick because you don't know a good game when u play one.

I'd like to see an upgraded version of this, a hundred bux says it makes first of the top 50 of all time. And if it only makes second place.... well sorry but i don't have a hundred dollars. Maybe newgrounds can supply me if I luck out. ;) You, sir, get my five.

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4.07 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2005
9:40 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight