Forever In Your Dreams

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Its a short almost real life story from a friends of mine whos girlfriend died 2 years ago, and i hope you enjoy it.



i dont give sympathy votes i highly doubt this, it would be more emotional for a loss like that, so tighten up the graphics & make it a lot better for higher votes, but i will give it high humor for the graphics being so bad

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i liked it

hey ,therealjo its for a friend dipshit, lern how ta read u untrusting retard

Sorry to hear that

Just so you know, this isn't a simpathy vote as the flash was actually quite well made. Also, don't listen to that cuntbag Master_stick555, because the only thing that sucked about the flash was the fact that it was true (or so you say). Nonetheless, it is kind of a depressing issue and it makes me wonder why you are sharing it with us. Anyhow, good job.


i'm gay and well it sucked


erm i thought you met her on your computer because it looks like anime or summat i think you are just making this all up for someone to give you sympathy or summat bt if your gf did die wich i very much doubt it would be sad for you and you would make the flash movie more emotional but i didnt see this so i think your lying

JakeX responds:

sorry my friends GF died, of cancer

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3.07 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2005
12:08 PM EDT
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