Fred's Birthday Surprise

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I can usually manage to spend at least 95% of my time having fun.

Thanks for so many positive reviews! This movie was originally created for submission to the TGSNT festival in San Francisco. It didn't win but it was a finalist. Since the original was designed for DVD, a lot of quality had to be sacrificed to make the file small enough for Newgrounds.

OF COURSE ITS AN OLD JOKE! Does that mean, as some reviewers suggest, that an old idea shouldn't be explored for new ways to express it? That would rule out a hell of a lot of Hollywood sequels.

Anyway, its really amazing to me how differently various people react to the same joke, some finding it hilarious and others either not getting it at all, or not seeing any humor.


Best animator ever.

Topdraw ROCKS. Every time I see a new one on the front page, I'm all over it. So is everyone else and it'd be a waste of time typing out what everyone already knows.
You rock.

Topdrawer responds:

Thanks, Doc
I make these little movies stricly for the fun of it. Its really nice to know other people enjoy them.


That was one of the best flashes I've seen. You must've worked extremely hard and been extremely patient. And you managed to get a giggle out of me... hard to do.

Topdrawer responds:

Thank you, Iscah
I'm glad it made you giggle. Yes. It took a long time and a lot of work, but I get so much satisfaction out of bringing these characters to life, it doesn't feel like labor at all.


animation is superb, dont know how uv done it exactly, not a flash author myself but its fantastic, joke wasnt bad either but iv heard it off of too many other things


That was retarted, yet hilarious. I laughed out loud. Haha, silly old people.

hehe its was good

I loved it... hahaha that was so funny...

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3.97 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2005
9:26 AM EDT
Comedy - Original