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Bowl it up, Get her to strip!
INSTRUCTIONS (like its not obvious!)

Pull down the "Joy" Stick and release the bowling ball when the meter is green and in the middle. Putting spin on the ball is pointless. Aim straight! (there's a pretty obvious sweet spot, release it there and you'll get a strike every time)

Unlock a new a "strip move" every 10 pins. You can rewatch moves by clicking the numbers on the right.

Also note, there's plenty of hidden rollovers and clicks on the girl (smack her butt, make her shake and rock, etc)

Graphics... Gotta give props to CartoonSmart.com for creating the flash template I used for the girl. (yes, I paid for it!) And also i was a complete Flash noob before buying those tutorials. Trained from the master

Music credits... I did pay a $10 license for the track (years ago), but don't remember which site. Sorry!


It Could have been way better..

Im farly decent at these strip games myself.. the only one thing i cant stand.. When you roll the ball, and you hit some pins, some how.. its like hitting a brick wall when the ball hits the pins and the ball goes strait to the gutter.. im sorry... but with that happeing, hardly get her naked..

It was all right but it needed more graphics

Try again next time!

cartoonsmart student eh...

Not bad I have to admit... and nice to see another dude who started out on cartoonsmart. Only complaints really though was it was too easy and too influcned by your source of study. My advice to you now would be to develop more of your own style...

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alright game..

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Not bad but...

There were some bugs. Every once in awhile it would skip the second set of any given frame. The "sweet spot" when I played did not exist. The physics were off. There seemed to be some love for 4 because I'd hit a green everytime and only knock down 4 pins. Also, there were times when I'd roll the ball down the lane, it would make direct connact with the pins and nothing would fall over......
That and the girl looked alittle chubby...

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3.91 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2005
4:18 AM EDT
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