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Bowl it up, Get her to strip!
INSTRUCTIONS (like its not obvious!)

Pull down the "Joy" Stick and release the bowling ball when the meter is green and in the middle. Putting spin on the ball is pointless. Aim straight! (there's a pretty obvious sweet spot, release it there and you'll get a strike every time)

Unlock a new a "strip move" every 10 pins. You can rewatch moves by clicking the numbers on the right.

Also note, there's plenty of hidden rollovers and clicks on the girl (smack her butt, make her shake and rock, etc)

Graphics... Gotta give props to CartoonSmart.com for creating the flash template I used for the girl. (yes, I paid for it!) And also i was a complete Flash noob before buying those tutorials. Trained from the master

Music credits... I did pay a $10 license for the track (years ago), but don't remember which site. Sorry!

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i got a 300!!!!!

Huh hmm


Well I have to say that was rather cute of a game you have some entertaining element about this and the music was a nice addition the screen seemed a tad small so maybe making a larger view screen might be a plus on this one, I like the graphics of this all though. a fun game indeed.

A larger view screen would be nice


I must have played this before. It was interesting because I was motivated to go on. Yeah, you could guess why. That girl is pretty pretty. Has anyone ever said that before? I'm not good at bowling.

Well, in real life I mean. Then again, I'm not too good here either. I'm glad it was both shoes at once. It would take too long for the socks. Dang, we have a lot of stuff on our feet.

Pretty obvious sweet spot? The instructions fail to tell you that a ball released in the sweet spot will only be a strike IF THE BLINKER IS MOVING TOWARDS THE RIGHT! This doesn't make sense at all and just seems to be some out of place puzzle element shoehorned into the game. Aside from that the game is fine and once you figure it out (or read this comment) it becomes pretty easy.

Somewhat contradicting to the game's title, only the first 10 unlocks are real "strips" and the remaining 20 are just additional poses so it's not hard to completely strip her at all, but that's not to say it's a bad thing. The girl and animations were well done, sexy and entertaining.

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3.90 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2005
4:18 AM EDT
Sports - Other