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UPDATE: Press ESC anytime during gameplay to escape and return to Character Select. Also, Regular Weapons are destroyed by the ball, however, Super Weapons can penetrate the ball, allowing you to hit your opponent.
PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS PEOPLE! I've had too many people complain they can't use Super Attacks. It CLEARLY states that you can only use super attacks when your health is lower than 100.

Allright people, here's the scoop on MEGAMAN POWER BALL.
Megaman Power Ball is a Pong clone with an extreme twist: The ability to shoot projectiles at each other and have powerups that are collected on the play field. All instructions are explained in the game, and can be read by pressing the (i) in the Options Screen after selecting characters. There are 22 characters in total, a few by Capcom, but most designed by me or my friends (All the legal crap is in the Credits). There are a bunch of powerups on the field as well such as Ball Speed Modifiers, Crazy Ball, HP Modifiers, Character Speed Modifiers, etc. The game also includes 8 audio tracks, which 7 of them were created by me using Apple's Garage Band.

Unfortunately, this game can only be a demo right now because Macromedia did a really bad job at programming Flash for Mac OS X, so I'm really limited to what I can do with it. It was supposed to be a full fledged game, complete with unlockable characters and music, and a complete Story mode, but due to the crappy programming that Macromedia has done, my project has come to a halt, but I wanted you guys to see the project I've been working on for the past month.

You're welcome to leave any feedback, but take note that no suggestions will take place because of what I have just mentioned above.

Please enjoy, and if you've got any comments, feel free to forward them to hankchill[AT]interactivi
tyunlimited.com (Replace the [AT] with @).

Please Enjoy.


pretty good

not really one of those ill return to, but ill keep checkin the author for new stuff, peace!!


This owns! better than all copys and that shit! AWESOME!

PS. The musics rocks! DS.

Argh, throwing "LOL"'s at me!!

Teh HOUSEMASTER!! I selected him first. I had a lotta fun, but after a while it got repetitive.

Nice action script. I'm impressed, I guess.

Review Time

Gonna change up a bit on how I normally do this. But gonna try to get this across so you get some constructive critisim, and other NG'ers can get kinda like a magazing style review. So here goes.

First off, for those who are not into the Pong/Breakout style of games. You might want to look elsewhere for a good time. But if you do like this style of game, then this demo will get you all happy with exictment.

The graphics are very good, even if simplistic. It was quite easy on my eyes to follow the ball. The play control is very nice and responsive and makes this easy to dive into. Having various powerups and powerdowns made the game much more intresting than the normal run of the mill Pong game. Also with the action not stopping once the ball passes you or your opponent is great. Keeps the battle going hard.

The sound is also an excellent choice. I found myself sitting in my chair jamming to the beats. Sometimes that cost me a few HP cause I should of been paying attention to the screen.

Only thing some people might have issues with is balance with some of the characters. To me it meant a little extra difficulty but for some, they will either breeze through the game and call it too easy, or outright say it was too hard. Personally I like the challenges.

Only improvement I would like to see added to the final version would be adding the instructions to the main menu instead of when the controls are shown. Some might miss it and will result in complaints that the game is broken.

Once this goes into its final stages, this will probably be one of the best in this genre. personally I can't wait for it.

Overall I am giving this badboy a 9 out of 10. Great to kill some time, even more a blast when you got a friend to play with.


Holy shite, I remember you from the MMBN Gamefaqs boards, you made so many AR codes ^_^ I think I even emailed you once when the people there were being really unhelpful and pissy and wouldn't give me your site url. Anyway, this game is mad fun, a little simplistic in that everyone just seems to have a normal power and a super power, which is really just a bigger version of their normal power. There's also the fact that some characters are simply better than others, they're not really balanced. Bass and Zero can basically pwn everyone.

Otherwise, this is awesome, can't wait for the full version to be done.

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3.86 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2005
8:52 PM EDT
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