The Ambridge Mansion-Day1

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This game was an interesting experiment, I had fun with it. Although I've really wanted to get back into flash there is no way it's ever going to happen. If you do stumble upon this flash I hope enjoy it. I was pleased with the feedback I received. It would have been nice if I could have finished it.


... eek.

Well this was some scary ****. I seriously was -this- close to doing something I shouldn't, involving me changing pants. Ugh. I'm not usually one to be scared easily, but this did the trick. I really like the way those random shadows keep disappearing and reappearing on mouse-over. Nice sound-effects as well, but it could use a little more background and history description. Other than that, a GREAT game.

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Besides mistaking one of the noises for a farting noise in the beginning and laughing about it a little, it's a good game, but the funniest part of all is reading all the reviews people added... lmao..people jumping/screaming because of computer images...*sigh* lol Hmm..it made me feel weird i can admit.. but more aggrivated with the marble puzzle (which i'm still stuck on) i wish the rooms wern't angled, I guess i'm just being too lazy to think about it logically for a while. The game makes me think though, how if there really were things like this going on, how monsters like that are such cowards that they need to sneak up on you, if i was in this scenario i'd atleast want a fair fight, its screwed up that they do that crap. and if there were matches i'd burn the whole house down and wreck the whole place before getting my ass killed ^_^ anyway before I babble too much..Awesome game, if this is only your first, then be sure to let me know when you make more.

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holy crap.........

people around the world will shit themsevles when they play this game....i still shaking thanx for scare

you gotta give me £5.88 now for new boxers

fuck man.................. *sniff* i need new boxers dude this was *confushing* & *SHIT SCAREY* i only got up to like the marbles and i could'nt find em which was a BIG!!!!! let down please if u make more can u provide FREE BOXERS =) thanks top hor game 10/10 *i put 4 on humor for that funny turkey noise in the bathroom*

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Woah scary

i almost shit my pants i barely played this game so scary im gonna buy some diapers or sumtin to wear for when i play this game i rly wanna beat it.

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4.05 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2005
5:47 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click