The Ambridge Mansion-Day1

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This game was an interesting experiment, I had fun with it. Although I've really wanted to get back into flash there is no way it's ever going to happen. If you do stumble upon this flash I hope enjoy it. I was pleased with the feedback I received. It would have been nice if I could have finished it.



I played this once before and I'm too scared to play it again!!! I can't even hit the start game button!!! DAMN POP UP IN YOUR FACE SCARY MOMENTS

Surprisingly Good...

At first I was a bit skeptic...the way you commented it and the way it started out (before I got into any rooms) had me saying "not going to be to good"....BUT...and that's a great big BUT....I was blown away...the dolls scared the hell outta' me and once I walked into the first room on the bottom right out in the main hall and whatever it was jumped out and shrieked i jumped big time!! I was hooked then. I like how you incorporated the walkthrough into the game, but even better was how you set up the walkthrough to where it explained what you were supposed to do..but at the same time you made it to where yo ustill had to figure it out....thanks for the hints ;). The Marble puzzle had me really thinking....took me a bit....but I finally figured it out..i really wanted to solve it on my own...(kudos to me ^_^). Finally the last puzzle with the 7 deadly sins was really good too...the ending however kinda made me want something to happen...but I can see what your trying to do and build everything up to a big climax...nice touch.

The overall atmosphere and feel of the game was good as well...not as intense as others...but was still very gripping at moments like with the TV, that made me jerk slightly. Good visuals and great sound....the bedroom was really well created with the screaching sound and howling.

Nice Job, good game...bout to go and play Day 2............=)

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This is an awesome game, but I'm not so good with puzzle games like these, so I had to use the walkthrough. And also, even though I found all the marbles, only the red ones are showing up in my inventory. How come?

oh shit. That is just FUCKING CRAZY!!!

Oh god. The 2 worst parts for me were: the room that when u go into it it screams and the, um, i dunno, ptradactle head pops onto the table i like shitted myself.
Oh and and i hate the dolls. *cringe* They look like china dolls. I h8 them.

Altogether, fantastic game, fantastic story, O.K graphics and SHIT-Yourself sounds!
Fantastic. 5 on the vote and 10 on the review. Keep it up! ^_^ :D

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ive played better...but ive played worse too

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4.05 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2005
5:47 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click