The Gameboy's Story

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This flash was inspired by Skabbish's song 'Game Boy On Weed'.
remember to check out his music because this flash would not exist if it wasn't for his song.


You know what...

Okay, I'll be honest with you. It was bad... But not REALLY bad. In fact, I almost liked it. The music was pleasant and the idea was kind of funny.

Fabulousfaice responds:

omfg!a squrrel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!look out!it has a grenade!!!akjdshaskudh;auhd;o


that started out so promising, then it just ended, overall pretty crappy, but not worthy of turd of the week, oh well.

Fabulousfaice responds:

what?!?!?!?!?i wanted it to be the turd master

ahhahaha....that made no sence..

ur like me...and i think stuff that makes no sence...is funy...make more of that stuff if u want...im still gonna rate it a 5..good day..

Fabulousfaice responds:

no.....bad day bitch


it was ok. it's not "turd of the week" material though. but it still stunk

Fabulousfaice responds:

well, believe it or not, being turd of the week actually helped me.
now im workin on another flahs (i actually put a lot of thought into the humor) it has at least half a storyline, and im workin really hard on it, and i did voices for it.

so thanks for the critism, and also thanks to the guys that wrote harmful reviews, my whistle is gonne lvl up i betcha! :D

Not too bad...

That was a funny song. The movie wasn't too bad actually, I watched it quite a few times. Maybe you should ask the creator of the song to make a new song and then you could make a new flash, put the song in, and improve on the whole Gameboy stoned thingy. You should add other Gameboys to the movie also, so there's like maybe 3 in total so they could smoke together or something. Whatever, I'm just pulling these ideas out of my ass.

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1.26 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2005
4:57 PM EDT
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