Wizard character maker

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I have nothing to say now.


Decent game

Ok so this was notbad kind of decent, as a fan of these types i do see alot of these types, so while it was ok there was some adjustments that could make this better, You had some good stuff and while they were pretty basic they could have used some detail and more effort on your part, and some more animated items wouldnt hurt either, just an idea or two that could make this much improved, and something to think about when working on your next one, so with that said goodluck on anything else you have planned. So while this was pretty good it could use a few extras It had everything that made it a great flash nice art, nice detail and nice graphics, so all and all this was actually a pretty good flash. So as any suggestions i posted try them and see how it goes, but for the overall of this it was pretty good stuff. and cant wait to see what else you are capble of, but untill the next flash in works good luck, hope to see more soon.

Ideas, tips and better improvments are always needed so as Gone through the flash here are some helpful ideas, that can make things better, good luck, So as explained before, this could use more items more choices, even throw in some odd and random stuff, you want to make this differant from other dress-ups so having some items animated would also help in that.


Missing something .... Ehm what? Ah Yes!

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great but the guy has one arm shorter xD

Not a very good one.

your other games have been better and this one really sucks.

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Sneifo responds:

Yea I know.


"Hey! because many of people haven't released that have to wait that games of gondor thing goes away, then can make character."

Try learning english first? Before you post things in NG?Not bad tho,make the graphics a bit more realistic? :/ And there was hair,thank god...But the forehead was bold:/

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2.68 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2005
1:30 PM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up