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Mario's Special Transform

rated 4.02 / 5 stars
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Aug 18, 2005 | 1:00 PM EDT

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Author Comments

6/13/2011: Okay so I've been getting some negative reviews recently on behalf of what I've said to one user. It is now grown into a messy argument, which I did not ask for. Long story short, these reviews I've received have been the same discussion dragged on, copying and pasting what I responded to. In other words, this was committed:

"f. Do not use the review field to address other user's reviews you didn't agree with. You are to be reviewing the submission, not other people's reviews."

Yes, this flash is short, yes this flash wasn't well animated back then. It was my first flash! Deal with it! There's criticism, and then there's insulting. If I see another review of what's been discussed previously, I'm going to file to them all because I've had it over the rooftop.

Seriously, I haven't made a flash in a while, and now that I think about it, but now I'm glad I didn't get back to it.

2/20/2011: Wow! It's been a while since I've updated this page. Anyway I was looking at the recent comments, or at least what date's posted, and I've been asked many times what this "Click here if you hated it" button does. Since this flash is over five years old, I think it's best to give it out now. What that button does is it leads to a flash I posted a link to called "E=Shitf*ck". It's a funny flash of flashy colors with images of Albert Einstein. It's about a minute or so long, and it's pretty funny to me. So there's really no harm, well unless you're epileptic which I would never want to show it to. The submission link is posted below: /portal/view/240285

Anyways, I wanted to point this out because I've been asked this when looking at the comments. Hope that answers everyone's question. Have fun.

1/6/06: Yay! over 25k views now, cool! My first view jewel, or whatever it's called. Thank you for enjoying my movie, ppl!! I'm glad you all liked it!

1/4/06: Here's a little info about this movie: My first movie, listed in the Mario Parodies, played at 27fps, and the song used for the fight scene was "Sum41 - Still Waiting". I hope you enjoy.

11/19/05: Ok, no offense to you all, but I'm getting sick and tired of you guys complaining about how short it is. Get over it! It's a quickie. I will be making a sequal soon, and that will be much longer than this one. If I get another complaint about this, I'm going to get extremely pissed off! So stop complaining!

UPDATE: Ok, I know that this movie was short, and I know that a lot of you are complaining about it. Just enjoy it, It's a quickie.

Update: WOW!! An awesome score I have. Thanks everyone. I never thought about how much You Guys Would Love This. DAMN!!

Hello, Newgrounds. This is my first flash movie. If you don't like sprite movies, I'm warning you once, get out! If you have bad comments to say, say it all you want and get yourself banned. For others, En
joy, and vote fairly.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like it

its short but good its on my favorites list


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Bubbles was being generous

There is no rule on the guidelines about that! What are you going on about, its a horrible animation and i read that other guys comment that he was standing up for as well. Sure its your first congrats it wasn't good (You admitted to that) And yet you think people should cut you slack because of this? And to top it if he never said anything about it being to short he said it wasn't good and explained why.

Seriously Stop whining about the comments that are true its horrible and you'll have to deal with it.

Golden-Fox responds:

Wow... okay, I've taken one's opinions before, despite how disagreeable I was, but now this is clearly harassment. Yes, there is a guideline in reviewing flash movies that states you aren't supposed to be reviewing someone else's thoughts and opinions. If you seriously can't find this rule, then allow me to copy and paste it in this respond box and explain afterwards!

"f. Do not use the review field to address other user's reviews you didn't agree with. You are to be reviewing the submission, not other people's reviews."

DrBubbles clearly copied and pasted what I responded to user, aaagk, placed it in his review box, just to argue back at me. That is not how you review a flash! It's supposed to be a review, not a forum response. Plus, considering that you're dragging this subject matter even further, I could easily report yours and DrBubbles reviews to Tom Fulp in removal of them. So if you're really saying he was being "generous", you better start having second thoughts at this point.

Yes I know he didn't mention the length of my flash, but since that's been addressed from aaagk and my response was included in DrBubble's review, then it is to be brought into discussion if he wants to argue. And yes, what I said, this being my first flash, is in fact a legitimate reason for being what it is. No one's perfect and dandy the first time. Randy Solem's first flash, Mario Gets Lucky, isn't as good as it was back then. Neither was it for any other user on the site. Imagine if The Wizard of Oz was criticized for the same reasons as what's going on here. "Oh the costume is so obvious on the Cowardly Lion, I can see Ray Bolger's real skin under his Scarcrow mask! OH and the backgrounds are nothing but wallpaper!" that's how it was made back in the 30's. A very unfair piece of judgement, right? Same principle applies to here. I was new at it. It's not like this was going to be a fulfilled masterpiece. I could simply redo flash from scratch now, and it would look better.

If you, aaagk, and DrBubbles disliked this flash, that's fine. And just because I argue at them doesn't mean I'm forcing them to change their opinion. So don't force me to agree with you. Telling me to stop "whining", when I really I was actually ARGUING, and telling me to deal with that the flash is crap is pretty self-explanatory. DrBubbles was doing the same thing in that "all negative reviews are the truth". Seriously, there's always a backlash on any praised flash which will have an argument back, even to Adam Phillip's flashes, as rare as it is.

For other viewers who reads this, if I seriously see another review of this topic, I'm just going to report all of this mess Tom Fulp. Oh and don't bother sending me a message at my inbox just to continue arguing like what DrBubbles did. All I'll do is just remove it.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I Like The Transformation , Good Job For a Short Anime Loved it .


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Not good.

Dude, this was my first flash. It may sound like a cop out excuse to you, but I had little experience back then, and had several problems with he program to where it took me three months to make. If I were to make this flash now, I would have better animation and choreography.

What kind of a response is that? So maybe you could make it better now the point is RIGHT NOW this animation isn't good for the reasons below that gave you low scores "don't need me to point out whats already been said" but how does a comment like that get rated negative its all the truth. Im not going to boost your score just because you were having issues or because your inexperienced i will gladly give your better peices a higher rating. Some of the below obviously havn't seen many good sprite work.

You get a 4 for adding music and smooth movment even if it was very limited.

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Golden-Fox responds:

You know... after looking through your profile, and seeing that there's no flash submissions at all, I have to ask. Who the hell do you think you are to copy and paste what I've said and judge me like a noob? Isn't there a rule on the review guidelines where you shouldn't do that? I could simply report this and have your comment removed on behalf of this stunt. And given that you have no flash experience, I doubt you'd say anything different if you ever did. I have had MANY of the same complaint over time; it's too short, it's too short, it's too short. Yeah, tell me something I don't know. That's how the flash was made back then! Get over it. Move on with your life!

The next time you leave a review on another flash, don't ever copy the creators responses or feedback in your own comments to provide something as if they're not open to criticism. You're not supposed to do that.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

2 Things

1. At least 5 comments about "Don't click I Hate This", no comments about "GUESS WHAT JUST HAPPENED WHEN I CLICKED IT?!" I dun wanna click it... I dun like this, but I dun HATE it... WHAT HAPPENS?!?!?!?!?!?!?
2. Kinda bad, kinda good... okay, not good, but I give you a pity 5. This looked nothing like Mario... mostly because fireballs don't explode, and a ground pound can't kill everything on the screen.... unless it's Kirby's CRASH ability. (Hoping I just gave you an idea, the PUFFCAPE! Lulz, kthxbai!)

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Golden-Fox responds:

1. That whole "Click here if you hated this" button was some joke that lead to a "Turd of the Week" flash entitled E=Shitfu*ck. It plays some stupid as Death Metal song while displaying images of Albert Einstein and flashing colors. Fastest way to give a seizure to someone epileptic if you ask me. XD I hope I didn't give that to anyone. The idea behind that whole "I hated this flash" Button originated from some of Randy's old flash sites. One of them lead me to an N*Sync or Backstreet Boys website when I clicked on one out of curiosity. Thought it was hysterical.

2. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this flash. It's understandable from where you're coming from on the logic. You don't always have to be perfect on the logic but point proven. Thanks for the feedback.