The Ricky Ray Show! Ep. 2

August 17, 2005 –
November 4, 2019
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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And what the hell is up with that god awful theme song? I mean seriously its so annoying and catchy which is not a good thing. Plus why do I get the feeling the real ricky ray is exagerated.

Ricky Ray, you lucky bastard.


She has a animation nerd to sexually violate

This one was pretty good.

Clean up the animation and put more humor in it, than I'll be giving these 10's.

You Rock!

Ricky Ray Is Awesome! and uhm... nice ending.....

i didnt expect the ending!

...Why did i see gollum get ass raped? anyways a funny animation.


Wads wif the ending?!


this one i liked more then the first cause the ending was so halarious hahaha!!.


The ending has scarred me for life, but other than that it was good.

The last 3 minutes had me rolling!



just walk it off man just walk it off

It is great

That LOTR parody is going to scar a lot of innocent children. Which makes it more worth while for watching. Continue with the work (contact me for a voice over job.) peace Ricky


I must have me precious! LOL FUNNY VIDEO. keep up the good work

Ric-Ric-Ric-Ricky Ray!

Awesome xD

so awsome

i got a problem im not an animator but i like japanese porn none the less thank u animators thank u all



not bad

this was acctually quite funny, i enjoyed it very much, that demon guy was just being a prick, i mean cmon, this deserved at least a 6-7 if not better on humor, even from an ass like him


Congratulations Bub, u just got a fucking 4 on Humor rating, ur the 1st one to ever get that high from me... Good Job. And if Une Suzuki was real, id tear her pussy apart with my dick shes so fucking fine!!! Lol.

Wow, that was good

I really like this series. I hope it continues for a long time. I just have to ask one question...

...why did Ricky's beard disappear when he was going to see Uni at the design school? lol


dude this was very funny keep making these...btw ithinnk some one might i told this to you already but ur main char looks like Gordon Freeman

this was ok

well there were severly things wrong with this first it didnt have very good animation and it wasnt as funny as the other two but i like the series anyway k


my favorite part was when the teacher said quote*its not that i dont like black people its just i dont believe in that hollywood dreamworkers crap and your not gonna make it there*unquote and when he said he came to the conclusion that there is no god i rolled off teh chair laughing lol

That was just plain funny.

I fianlly getting to see the other episodes. I'm liking what i'm seeing here. Keep up the good work there.

this was so damn good

you the best animator ever. continue make more of this kinda movies

two thumbs up

hehhe i really wanted to say that..


Voice over timing isnt good needs work.

Like said before the nervous breakdown was awesome!, great acting. Voice overs still need work, the gay porn thing was funny. Great flash, rewind and fastforward button would make it better.

i had to laugh at him

when he was having a nervous break down in the restaurant. that had to be my fav. part. the rest was funny too. good job.

Animation student I get it

This cartoon was so funny. I am sitting here in Fort Lauderdale as an animation student. The part where Ricky Ray shows Uni the cartoon that took six months was brilliant. Bad Frodo bad.... my eyes they burn


"enjoyable" is the right word describing it. but the ending was hillarious.


sorry but i wasnt paying attention to the story, i was only paying attention to the large knockers on those characters. so i gave you a 5 anyway, but i didnt even know what happened.

very, very high voices

i agree - very high voices, but good overall.


with this show being so short. It showed a very mellow sense of humor like a 13yr old made it but had flash skills... and other than that the voice over was annoying, made my ears ring.

also, the lord of the rings part was outdated I mean theres many more things you could think of. and it was just nasty really.

sorry if im rude.. by this is what reviews are for ok? ty

very good

that was good, there was some very disturbing little things like sam exploring frodos hobbit hole. and the small fat drooly chik was quite unappeling, that is what made it funny

Saw the fist

That was good, it was funnier than the first.

That final LOTR animation was so funney and sooooo wrong.


Didn't like the voices. Like nails on a chalkboard in a bad and not funny way.

Looks like it's a hit though, so good for you.

thats like my life

wooo im a computer animating loser and i love it

haha that animation is like my life

Freaking funny

the way it ended made me laugh my a$$ off it was great dude hope to see more from you.......i liked it


That was a great flash, it felt just like a TV show.

btw, the lord of rings thing was hilariouse!

nice flash

Sung Hi Lee has big breasts you loser stfu


lol thats great good animation very funny well... hilarios !!!! well deserverd front page!

Haahaaa nice as anything!

That was pure genius, a real blast of originality.

The graphics were neat, above average for this site, the plot was great, totally new.

The voices were a bit hard to understand but i got used it... Just..

I thought that was damn funny, the humour is ace. I cant wait to see more from this series, well deserved place on the NG frontpage.


Amen to that...

hoots !

Hey nerds ! Ummmmmm beam me up scotty.
I wish I had a hot Asian girlfriend like that but I don't. I guess thats cuz they don't exsist. I mean she had tits for days.
most chicks got melons she had coat rack. .oh well 2 words
plastic surgeory. . .
oh yeah and the ricky ray show is aight !

#4 review and still going hard. . :-)

all god cept 2 parts

ok it was all good n all but then lord of da rings porn came on (men only(atleast i think goloum/smeegol/whoever the fucks a dude...ya neva kno wit somethin dat weird) but other than that its great

Reminded of "Strangers with Candy" on C.C.

"Strangers with Candy" is't a cartoon it super funny live show. I think your ready to try to get on T.V! Just looking at this made of the crap that could might be replaced with you show! This was so funny he treated his girl frend to all those wird things! And then she treated him to fairly bad piece of anamated porn i don't think he had much to complain about! BrandonPClark who ever you are, it is like an animated sit-com but it rocked man! I LOVED IT ALL THE WAY! You'll be on T.V. one day!


LOL, now thats some cool funny shit. Don't listen to that hater reviewer *cough*FargoJ*cough, you did a cool funny skit. Its so true about animator geeks, but fuck it, we still get putang like the rest of them... even more <wink>. Keep up the good work flash solider!


I mean, really, can it get any worse than this? now don´t get me wrong, I hate to give extremely blunt reviews, but this has to be the one million dollar question:


To be painfuly honest, I was gonna stop watching this movie after the first minute, but just to be fair and honest in my review, I beared the rest of this... "show"...

Dude, if you plan on doing a living outta this, then you´re gonna friggin starve to death, I mean... there wasn´t a single thing that I liked about this flash, except the large hooters of the girls, wich were well drawn, except the drooling bag of fertilizer, but that´s-about-it!

There was nothing original in this flash... sorry for acting like a total jackass, but I felt really unconfortable watching it...

And one last thing... you TOTALLY blew it with the Lord of the Rings gay jokes! I really really REALLY hated those stupid jokes, they were NOT funny, instead, they were disgusting, perverted, and down right HORRENDOUS!

Again, please forgive my rudeness in this review, but I just needed to break the ice and tell you, Ricky Ray, and everyone else at newgrounds what I REALLY think of this flash...

Never the less... have a nice day ;-)

Certainly Not the worst.

Your animation skills are good. Story wise. Ehh mite want some one else.

Let me say one thing Ive seen alot worse.

Its just the same thing throught the hole thing. The character personalities are the only thing I feel you have down. And you rely on there personalities laone to make this funny. Thing is it takes alot more than that. Its good you have the personalities but you need jokes that have wittyness to them. Something with a pun.

Or atleast something random. Like a family guy sorta humor. Usualy things are random but they atleast have a pun to them.

plus your joke just cant appeal to you. Soem of these jokes seem like stuff you laugh about with your friends. More of inside jokes.

Also on more thing. Some of these jokes had me chuckle i must admit. Bit Acting brought them down. If you can get the actors to give a little more heart into it your jokes will sound alot better.

I'm sorry

but that was boring. The boobs thing.. a little too far buddy. It was just a couple having a bad fight.


I don't know where that was going. You can do great flash work and all but that was boring. It felt like it was trying to get somewhere and the jokes (or lack thereof) were rather .... dry. But over I think it needs more... it was just boring and UNI didn't sound anything like she was speaking with an asian accent. So it sounded too cheap...

whatever.. i didn't like this one. (MY OPINION)


Well atleast you got the part down with wimpy white guys and asian women. It just seems like you dont have a very good sense of humor, Im not a big fan of stuff thats supposed to be funny but in actuality it really isn't, but you do have good animating skills.

pretty funny but yet.. kinda a similar story line,

This was funny but the storyline was similar, boy loses girl, boy does something stupid to make girl realize she still loves him, boy gets girl back. Good animation tho.

Boring and uninspired.

It's like a animated sit-com. Ew.

Its to true

At the end when the girl explained about hentai, cartoon reruns, .......the...smell..... I thought it was all hilarious a had a decent story line.

Load of the Ring?

It was hilarious especially the animation the guys made way to poke fun of yourselves guy it was funny, but load of the rings really creeped the crap outta me especially the scene with Gollum...but i dont think it was this episode.....I digress Well done.


Well, I know that you like boobs. But most guys do. Including me. That's really all I got from this.

asians are aliens

uni looks like an alien with hair (as do most asian girls) see the discovery channel. by the way it was good.

Holy crap...

I never wanted to see Goolum take it from behind. EVER. I will now go pluck out my eyes.


Not really much humor in this, nice art style and sitcom structured flash. The main character had an ANNOYingly high pitched voice too.


That is by far the funniest flash animation I have ever seen! No matter how many times I watch it, I crack up. I nearly choked when I heard the expression "hobbit hole" and the best part was during his animation he drew Uni with the stupid smile and rediculously large breasts. And he supposively made her serve him all the food at the oriental food restaurant...LMFAO!!! The ending was classic as well. You sir, are awesome! No constructive criticism here as that was the perfect comedy. All I can say is never stop this series or I will be very sad.

it was good

it was a good movie, i watched it twice.

If women were turned on by things like that...

the world would suck. But it's interesting to think that the underdog (even if he is sort of an acchole) would get an atractive lady like... that... sort of.

The animation could have been a bit better, but it was clever.

Oh and by the way, when your doing a slide show the darkest color is only as dark as the screen it's being projected on to. You never get black lines even when there is no light source beyond the projector. See it this way: white screen, lights off, windows and doors, projector light; are you getting this?

Liked it

I thought it was funny when they showed the flash.

good premise, but could have been better

I liked the whole "asian" routine, kinda funny, but it gets cliche` pretty fast, also, in 6 months, you could have made a much better animation, especially if it was made to impress a girl. the graphics could have been tweaked a little, but it's no big problem, the sound, while good, could have been better, and the ending was a little quirky. Good movie though


i'd give you a long review about how good it was but i have no time. lol but ne ways that was great. Hated the ending though. All you see are big tits then at the end Uhhhuuhh. Ne ways Keep Up the Good Work !!!!!

A very good job

That was very well done, however, it may disturb you that that was almost an excat style of my frinds and mine average day / 6 months.......are you spying us?

Good work, look forward to Episode 3


Great work, didnt even have to see number one to understand whats going on so you must have done a good job of that wether you knew it or not. I thought the jokes in there were pretty good, but it has some average drawing.

Overall just work on the characters dont have 5 main characters and then just focus on one and two, make the other three involved(the other white guy and black guy and that girl with 8 diff hair colors)

And the last joke i knew was coming but not in the LOTR kind of way, you ruined LOTR for me, Jackass.

...................... who the f**k is Ricky Ray.

Just kidding, it was OK, but the part with the hobbits and glooum having gya sex just put me off of a full 10/10 for the movie, still funny though.

pritty cool, LOR rip off was a funny twist too lol

this was a fnny one, i have a feeling that inspiration has come from the MTV spoof about it (hobbit on hobbit) lol very good will go and watch ep 1 now


I like it, its funny, the crappiest falsh in the world won a asian big titted idiot over in a few seconds, im gunna ahve to try that, lol, jks!


lol awsome flash we need more like this.....................HOT chicks with BIG tits


lol the ending was the funniest


MAKE MORE!!! this is good in every aspect, except for violence, but its not meant to have any lol. even as someone who loves films of violence, i liked this alot cuz its funny, and its like a short show. enjoy it :)

above average

obviously the horny geeks on newgrounds are gonna fifen this for the animated cleavage but on the whole it was pretty good for a flash, but any jokes that it may have fell flat.


Funny stuff guys.

Pretty funny

That was really good. Well animated and well-dubbed, the animation skills you have will put you on a path to notoriety on newgrounds. Unfortunately, I couldn't help but cringe at the high-pitched voices of all the guys. Ouch. Oh yeah, and please refrain from putting so many seconds of lord of the Rings gay porn in the next one. The regular porn of Lord of the G-String (real porno movie) was bad enough. :-D

I found it funny...

It was awsome to me because Ricky Ray looked like Gordon Freeman. LOL.

Haha awesome

The girls were sexy and gollum is hilarious at the end hahaha
cool cartoon and funny plot
Good job :)


Yes it was fun, but what's up with the big-boobs-with-stiff-nipples fixation you got in there? Not that I mind watching it though =P


um.. wtflolomg-wha??? That was kinda tasteless yet at parts is was pretty funny.. uh, good job i..uh i guess... [cough]

Holy crap.

I ... was scared.


Story was great. Uni was hot. Sound was excellent. I also like how you got your own song. This was just an excellent animation. Keep up the great work!

More from new grounds

the obvious work of a child molester

Good job

I thought it was pretty good, and VERY funny. The only problem I had with it is that Ricky Ray looked a lot like Gordon Freedman at the beginning.


j/k ive seen plenty...great movie

why my azn girl friend dont have big boob-_-

haha fear the precious!!LOL


the jokes are great,but i think i didnt really need to see the lotr scenes
they were slightly disturbing
but overal Briliant,specialy the "it took us 6 months to do that "part


Wow it was funnier then I expected, the lotr parody was bold humour to say the least but funny as hell. Its just amazing at this stage that uni hasn't had it on with either your main character or perhaps some other 'american friend' after all she ditched ray amazingly easy! One just has to wonder what would happen if a right mainpultaive indivual came who did more to convince Uni to dump Ray...

..Ok so maybe that was me trying to send a sublinimal message urging for a more 'intercative' development for uni }>

Seriously though My only drawback is Ray...his role is very plain where he just whinges a bit and that's it. If we can see him in more dynamic situations (stuck in a bank duringh a hostage take over or anything that allows him to speak out more his cynical manner I'm sure would win marks)


Big boobed asian girls r hot only big boobed asian girls not the flat ones

I thought it was okay

More entertaining than funny though, I think one of the biggest things that stuck out to me was the lack of music, people dont think of it so much but music can make a movie. Work on the jokes also if your gonne do one of these "flash sitcoms" the only thing that really made me smile was the Lord of the Rings porn.


i thought this shit was funny fuck all the other faggets who dont! golem at the end was hilrious!


It was actually pretty funny, I wasn't expecting much. But hey... Whatever...

Give uni a mohawk or a chelsea... Those are hot. And as for the preppy girl, I actually know girls like that. It's like they pull a big book outta their ass called "the rules to life". It's these people that must die.

When you gotta heck out a man monumentary earing for the fiscal year of 2000 in order to figure out if you should date him, and yet the entirity of you education was taken behind the 7-11 giving hand jobs to the manager, then you need to start re evaluting your options. I'm not saying there aren't guys stupid enough to date these hoes. I'm saying that because of them I've lost all faith in mankind.


the only reason it got a 3 is because the graphics were pretty decent. i must say you are a very sexist person (im not a feminist its just a simple comment lol) and not very humorous. none of it made me laugh... the plot was extremely stupid. *sigh* all i can say is you do have talent, you just use it TERRIBLY.


Lay off the helium. Those voices, SUX. The jokes, SUX. The plot, SUX. The Tits, Good.... Bye

good but...

the soud sux, too much echo. and the back rounds are a little uninspired.

very basic, very boring

I found my self falling asleep through that, the jokes were cliche, the voices were cliche, the story line was lacking just about everything, and as for humour? What humour?

Au Revoir


TITIES....that was a good movie...oh and dude with all the numbers as his name SHUT UP HE DOESNT HAVE TO TAKE YOUR ADVISE YOU IDIOT!!!!1 good movie

Now this was tight

Damn dawg yo shit is off the heazy damn it was so funny at the end with the LOTR fuckin at the end real funny damn dawg yo shit is tight

Nice animation n decent theme

But, the voice acting, it dint cut up with some characters like, the guy with the beard, all the sudden he talks like a kid, the flash itself is nice, but some sound effects and humor would do nice

-Luv it

I love it...

Nice dude...

fuuny as hell

this was funny as hell because it was makeing fun of the lotr.

It was ok, I guess

Ok, nothing too amazing. You may want to work on the sound quality a bit more. As for the humor, it was so-so. The ending movie scene was really great though, good job on that.

Pretty funny

I like it a lot, it's a little slow moving but the premise is funny.


this animation was pretty good but what was with the scene where ray was crying about uni and the black guys pupils when big and such ....random newayz good work

lmao what the hell?! XD

Wow that lord of the rings parody at the end was hilarious! The golem voice alone sold it! XD

I'm not normally a fan of these stories done from the perspective of one 'average' guy ('Doug' kinda proved that could be one of the most boring TV show types on the planet) and the barely dressed girls who were 'interior designers' was like wtf... but despite all that I still enjoyed watching this movie for some reason... hmm... keep up the good work with promising sence of humour sir!


dude u made me shudder at the end of it .... my hat is off to u


A forgetable, but stil fun flash

Well, If you have ever been dumped by a big boob japanise chick, this is going to ease your pain, otherwise you'll just have a great lough at the gay jokes or watchin at all the big breasted women.


This one gave me a good laugh..

The overall thing was okay, it taught me a leason... i dont know it yet so ill get back to you. Also the ending was great i loved it..

not bad

haha, kinda funny, the last part.


Wow I loved the ending so much!

YAY! porn

You can't get better than watching frodo getting sucked off. Both of them were great, though graphics could use some tweaking(since I'm guessing your basing this alittle on your real life) you'll probably learn how to do this much better from your classes.

The sounds and story were wonderful, but it could have used some more music in it. Overall, awsome animation, a great laugh. good job.

Unlike Jstryker

I thought it was pretty darn good.

Well drawn...

Very well drawn, but I thought the voice acting & audio quality could stand some improvements. A good premice, out of curiosity were you influenced by the animated TV show "This Just In"?


okay, nice cartoon, i have to read the comics now?

Could've got higher than 4th

Wow I was just having this discussion with a friend of mine a few hours ago. We were talking about the fact that girls who take Interior Design at my art college are the hottest girls in school. Now if only they would go out with us Game Designers. =D

Pretty good

Hmmmm, it doesn't seem like he (you) appreciates her that much, he seems to just want her becuase she's hot. Maybe I'm old fashioned but what ever happened to romance? Anyway, this was reasonably entertaining, and well animated. Nice work.

Great man.

The violence gets a ten cause of the end, god thats gonna give em nightmares YES THE PRECOUS YES YES peace out- Duffman

God that was fucking funny

good job way to go and all
well thats it hope to see more


That was so cool the ending was perfect the less you know made me laugh so hard I give you kudos man


I've got to hand it to you, this is one of the better flashes I've seen here in quite a while. The animation was well done, the voice acting superb, and the plot wasn't half bad either (considering the level of un-originality), but it kept me smiling and interested. This is the kind of flash I would love to see become a series, so keep 'em comin. >>> and here it comes... I hand you my very first [ A- ] (not solid, but an A none the less, good job.)


Lol, that girl hurt my feelings because I'ma traditional animation student and i don't smell XD. Ok, i did fall in love with an anime character once o.O; but I was 14 years old. The fact you drew the girls like that is... lol... halarious yet ironic for some reason. Extremely stereo typical, but it's what makes it funny. and god, even i coulden't keep my eyes off their chests, they were so big XD!


Gollum at the end...he killed my brain. Good job.


Dude. Great job you reminded me of how terrible my lif is.

The great nerd hope

Another aww inspiring story to inspire the nerds of the world. They can have a hot asian chich just like those other people with hot asian chicks. To bad im not a nerd but it was great anyway.


Well I don't really know what to say about it. I liked it, and it was funny. I guess that's just gonna have to do. Nice job.

LOL, funny stuff!

Great job on this Ricky. This is one of the funnier things i have seen recently. But not only that, everything else was well done too, there werent any real mistakes here, though there are some things that can be improved. A very solid work from every aspect, here is my review.

The graphics were great, and based on the drawings you got some real talent. They were pretty good, and if thats how you really look then you look a lot like Gordon Freeman! The backrounds were great, but i was really impressed at the amount of detail in the one at the diner. The animation was nice and smooth throughout, especially in his love video ;). Very nice style in this too firstly because of your animating style. I liked the idea of the nerd getting the hot girl then losing her then yeah. Its pretty funny the way you presented it. And well thats all i can really say here. The sound was very good except the quality problem throughout the movie. Other than that the voice acting was great and often quite funny, the sound effects were good too, maybe some more would be useful though.

Overall this was a great movie, great humour and just a blast to watch. This is my last review for the night, and it was a good flash to review. My 10th one today go me. Anyways i want to see more of this in the future! 4/5


i did not need that last part in my head thankyou

Uhh not bad

The animation was really up to par. But the storry lagged. Thats all I can say. Other then that, it was a nice animation


I liked it. Made me laugh and also served a touching point. Too bad about Smeagel...(I guess he liked it)

OMG...what just happened here?

Wow that was...was...weird man. I feel eeven worse about the way we humans think about what love is. Well my inner demon tells me to say nice things about people til im lvl 10 :)


i liked it keep up the good work

yeah jsut look at wat the other guy said

yeah wat i jsut said up there look at wat the other guy said thats wat i was thinking


Conglomer+2@te mote foo Plud 9

Fruity Loops!+samples TOUCH IT/2 mal

Sum f4or 9 .4.45.

s/n: 4203948203948


that was a great movie and funny as hell. i really gotta watch the first one now

absolutly great

im not a big fan of the gay porn either but funny all the same


that flash was kick arse

must have the precious!!!!!

A one line summary

Gay porn scares me, however, this movie was +entertaning

Much laughter

This submision brought me much inward laughter... wich I assure you is better then the outward kind... thx...


That movie Was Hilarious i need to see the first one...


oh man! your description of animators near the end was spot on! you basically described my daily routine. i thought it was great, regardless of the graphics. top knotch comedy! up-up-and-away!


Nice work dude. That was one of the funniest things I've seen on NG. Ricky kinda reminds me of flanders though ....

haha awesome, good job man.

I really liked that i havent seen the 1st one but I guess I will, but anyways great job on the animations, and the jokes and good luck on any other flashes!


I shall have to watch the first one


LOL i laugh my ass off

Bloody Fantastic!

I love stuff like this!
people like you make flash Extra good!
(oh and i gave it a 5 for interactivity beacause it has a play button)

I reviewed the last one...

so I may as well review this one. As before, I love your style. It is unique and well done. I think this time you do indeed, deserve that 8!


I love it! I want more!


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