Sheep: a short

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The sheep on a fantastic magical adventure, well sort of. it's doing amusing things anyway.



kik ass sheep kick ass song kick ass flash


wtf was that?
the music was ok but it was to stupid and random...

Cancer responds:

random was the entire point


You know, I almost hate to admit it, but I liked this! The graphics were simple, the animation NOT smooth, and it was too short; but I liked it. I thought it was light hearted, fun & playfull; it was enjoyabe to watch the little sheep running around & just having fun. I would like to see this improved upon by smoothing out the animation & maybe lengthening it a bit; I wouldn't change the style of art one bit. I hope to see more from you in the future. ZB.

No. Don't bother. Just don't.

To watch this is to waste your time. Utter crap. The least you could have done was give the cheep a violent, pointless death at the end.

Cancer responds:

violent and pointless was exactly what i didn't want it degrades it.

Wow...that was...um

I was taught that if i couldn't say anything nice,not to say anything at all...but this is just stupid enough to change my mind.OOOO you made a sheep move around for less than 30 seconds.You are SO talented omg can i have your autograph?I mean really,that must have taken years to become that good.We are not worthy enough to veiw such SHIT!Horrible dude.And this coming from the same guy who gives such "encouraging" reviews and then turns around and submits total crap.Can you say "hypocrite?"

F-KREW Leader

Cancer responds:

ah youve been talkin to yur mate "slick" there, at least i tell people where they go wrong! Tryin to rebel against me by writing reviews that are different to everyone elses just coz i slagged of yur mates work a bit is just sad. i pity you all.

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1.91 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2005
1:21 PM EDT
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