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Rumble Ball field 4

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Controls in this game: mouse and space(if you need MAX Power to get quickly). Collect all the gold and blow all the blocks in each level. The game is about hi-score, so the more you get at one shot the more points you get! +10 +20 +30 ......
I wrote litle soundtrack and put it to title screen(Anyway the filesize is pretty small)
Score submition not works here (Anyone knows how to make it?)
I hope to give you some time of fun with this one!
I any ideas about imrovement - write me in reviews!
If you don't understand how to play:
Press mouse button and hold it. Power start to grow. When you think there is enough power relase mouse button near the ball.

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This was a very fun game! My only complaint is that I don't like it how you have to be so close to the ball when you release your mouse. Other than that, it had most of what you would want in a game like this. It's nice to see what you can do on your own. The vivid colors really help too. I even like the way the ball glistens when you hit the side of something.

You just never know what the next level can be. Everything just comes off as so bright in this game. It can be complicated, but not more than it needs to be. I like this games because you're allowed to play them at your own pace. It's the kind of thing you can work on when you're not in a hurry.

GameBalance responds:

Thanks! This game is very old it's from 2005. This concept could be developed someday.

Better than 3, worse than 1 and 2

When I played the first level of this one, I was really happy - no life bar anymore, no bombs, no holes, just the fun that 1 and 2 gave, plus the improvements from 3, such as the extra area around the playing field (so you can better aim shots when you're near the edge), variable power, updated sprites and so on.

Of course, the holes and bombs are still there, though.

Granted, they only substract score now, so if you don't care about score, they don't matter all that much; but nevertheless, they're distracting, an annoyance, and - what's more - unnecessary.

Coupled with the fact that the game was even shorter now, I'm just not able to give this more than a 6.

GameBalance responds:

this idea is very undeveloped and have a few directions can be developed.
I not now if i ever continue develope it but it certainly can be some classic genre of breakout type of games.

Fun, and creative game.

This is truly a fun game; although the only downside is that it can get really boring, really fast. I hope that you make a number 5. What I would do to improve it, is make it so that you can change the sounds to different types of music mid game to keep it interesting, (i.e. Metal, Pop, Acoustic, Jazz, Regular) make it so that you lose a small amount of points everytime you hit the ball, for a larger challenge. Maybe make the walls slightly more "bouncy", and set up a few more obstacles.

This truly is a fun game, but should defiantly be improved, so it becomes more widely appealing, and to keep it from getting too boring.

GameBalance responds:

i very much agree this game should be improved. actually i had some idea but i ws very depressed for two year constantly so i was make very few games


TO ME it really isnt a extemely good game but dude u got potental in gamin so u keep makin games dude u make pretty decent ones dont give up


good graphics and style but i couldnt imagine playing this longer than 5 minutes (not your fault ofc).

GameBalance responds:

I agree with most people it should be a multi level where you have challange. If I ever finally create a game company I will make it I think.