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Clock day: The beginning

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This is a masterpiece

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Masterpiece indeed.

A great history flash on how Strawberry Clock started it all,excellent animation and great music to it as well.

Quite Well, The History, Huh

It's a good start. I liked the scene you set up, and was interested to see what happened when the character got to the paintbrush. Sadly, he never made it.

Suggestions follow:

Consider taking some tutorials on Flash. Below that same link you clicked to submit your flash is a little link that says, "LEARN FLASH." Follow that link and you'll find a bunch of tutorials on how to make your animations look and sound good. Do some of those tutorials and your next effort should be a lot better.

Your flash needs a preloader with a start button. On the Newgrounds Flash Portal page, there's a link right below the "Submit" button that says, "GET NG LOADERS N' STUFF!" Click that link to download a .FLA with a preloader in it. Copy and paste the first frame of that into your animation, and you'll have a preloader, complete with a start button.

Your character moved along really slowly. Think about speeding him up a bit.

Your flash didn't really tell a story or demonstrate any kind of meaning or purpose. While "random" can be good if done well, you might consider adding some kind of a plot or story line to your next flash.

Newgrounds isn't the place to upload your tests. In Flash, you can push CTRL-ENTER to test your flash and see if it works. You can also export your flash to a .SWF file and see if it runs on your computer. If it does, your movie worked, and there's no need to test it on Newgrounds.

Your flash loops endlessly. You can add an actionscript stop(); code to the final frame of your flash to stop it from going on forever, or, better yet, add a replay button at the end. If you're unsure of how to do this, check the Newgrounds flash tutorials for help.

That's it!


But,you dont need to make the movie black and white because 2001 wasnt that far far ago.

Good work

It's educational and a good movie. To the review before me: Strawberry Clock made it.


who came up wit da clock crew ive knon about da clock crew since 4ever and i still dont kno who da hell came ^ wit da clock crew