The Breakup

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NOTICE (EDIT): Although this is the only full flash movie I've finished, I do not consider it to be exceptional, or even up to par with MY standards. Please don't take it seriously.

A short movie I threw together during my spare time in the last few weeks. It's rushed, so don't expect too much. O_o Enjoy, and happy Clock Day! :]


I h8 all u clocks

Argh u clocks drive me nuts I only saw that so i could rate 0! I h8 u clocks so much! errr.........*cough.........thats it

Masquatto responds:

Oh boy... where to start?
First, your grammar and typing is wonderful. You show a lot of effort in your reviews, what with all those "8's" and "u's." I can also see that you back up your arguments well--you listed so many reasons to vote low, I can only dream to one day become as comprehensive and insightful as you.
I'm very impressed with your ability to zealously hate a flash genre and all artists attributed to it, and even be able to analytically judge flash movies, when you haven't even been around NG for a month. You're purely genius. I envy your brilliance.

Now go learn to type and support your arguments, you closed-minded, naive, poorly-named, newbish ass hole.


That Was So Funny! Especially The "Terrorists Win" Part!

Masquatto responds:

:] Glad you enjoyed it.

It didn't seem rushed

It was a flash for Clock Day and I didn't see it getting rushed. Maybe you had time until Clock Day came and was getting short on time, but this flash was good with Strawberry and Clear. I did laugh when you added a Pokemon onto that flash. A bit random for some flash like this. Anyway, good work.

Masquatto responds:

You can tell that it's rushed because:
Backgrounds were awful.
I didn't bother to remake the characters, which I normally do.
All the ending stuff was sorta thrown together on the last day, which you can tell by the crappy blood and poop splat drawings I did.
Lack of cameos that I planned on using.
Lack of body movements.
No movie menu. (during-movie quality, pause, scene changer, etc.)

Anyhoo, I'm glad you thought it was good. :]


We all love you masquatto


Masquatto responds:

Aw shucks.

that was funny

but when you said 'no-one gives a fuck about what you have to say' that was stupid, strawberry clock is king of the portal o.k?

Masquatto responds:

Others disagreed on that option psyche, but you're entitled to your opinion. :0
Of course he is. :}

Glad you thought it was funny. :]

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4.31 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2005
10:31 PM EDT